PRESS RELEASE: American Cider Association Announces 2020 Award Winners

By Michelle McGrath | March 4, 2020

Contact Michelle for images and questions Hotels, Pizza Arcades, Distributors, and Wine Shops Among Those Recognized For Excellence In The Cider Industry Portland, OR—Since CiderCon 2015, the American Cider Association has bestowed industry honors on deserving partners. The association uses its awards as an opportunity to highlight individuals and businesses helping the cider category grow.…

Wine glasses with cider in a row

CiderCon® 2020 in Oakland Declared Resounding Success

By Michelle McGrath | February 2, 2020

Facts & Info for CiderCon® 2020 Media can contact us for images, assets and interview requests. The 10th annual CiderCon® took place in Oakland, California from January 28 to January 31, 2020. The program can be downloaded here. 35 states were represented, with California, New York, Michigan, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts and Virginia bringing the most attendees.…

2020 American Cider Association Board Candidates

By Michelle McGrath | January 27, 2020

It’s almost election time for your 2020 board of directors. We’ll be sending out electronic ballots to all of our Cidery-level active members on Wednesday and the ballot will be open until Friday morning, so keep your eyes peeled for that! We want to thank Eric Foster of Stem Ciders, Brian Shanks of Bold Rock…

Fresh-pressed Member Updates: January

By Michelle McGrath | January 17, 2020

CiderCon® is less than two weeks away! We have conference updates to share, but there is so much more to tell you about. First thing first, though… CiderCon®!  Today is the last day to register at the $395 price. Head over to the website and sign up to take advantage of the savings.  We’ve lined up near 100 amazing speakers for this year’s conference,…

CCP Program Updates

By Michelle McGrath | January 16, 2020

We have some exciting announcements about the Certified Cider Professional (CCP) program! We first launched the CCP program in 2016, and it has continually evolved to meet the needs of our ideal audience in allied industries. What do food and beverage professionals need to know about cider to sell more of it to happy consumers? That remains our guiding…

Dry Cider Directory

By Michelle McGrath | January 7, 2020

We’re collecting the 0g sugar ciders of all our members and loading them into the air table below! Explore the directory filters and sorting options and learn what you can seek out in your area. Join us in the conversation about no-sugar ciders on Instagram with #pickdrycider. Please confirm nutritional information with the cideries themselves.

Dry Cider January Announced by Cider Association

By Michelle McGrath | January 1, 2020

The American Cider Association is launching a month long campaign called Dry Cider January to promote their members’ ciders containing 0 grams of sugar. They will list the ciders on their website and will be promoting them through the association’s social media channels with the hashtags #dryciderjanuary and #pickdrycider.  The list will be updated regularly and can…

PRESS RELEASE: Cider Association Rings in New Year with a New Look & Name

By Michelle McGrath | December 31, 2019

After 8 years using the title of United States Association of Cider Makers, or American Cider Association for short, the cider industry trade group has updated its brand. On December 31, 2019, the group unveiled its shorter, more direct name—The American Cider Association. It also released its new logo, created by graphic designer Randi Karabin…

Cider: The Road Ahead

By Michelle McGrath | December 30, 2019

Every year around this time, we review the trends, changes, growth and challenges our industry faced in the prior twelve months. It’s a time to learn and respond. As your association, we do this to understand how U.S. companies are faring and to identify ways we can support the cider industry and its diverse members…

CiderCon® Giveaway!

By Michelle McGrath | December 27, 2019

Bottles cling-wrapped and insulated in a sweatshirt. Cans sealed and stowed in empty bread bags and stuffed in socks. Or shoes. Most of us have taken extreme risk and sketchy measures to get cider to and from CiderCon® and other cider events. Did you know there is a better way? Behold, the cider case (ok, it has another name, but this is what we’re…