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Become a Certified Cider Professional

The American Cider Association administers the Certified Cider Professional program. This first ever cider accreditation program is designed for distributors, chefs, servers and others who are interested in becoming bonafide experts on all things cider.

Hard cider’s popularity has dramatically increased in the last several years, and now there is a way for food and alcohol industry professionals to prove their cider knowledge—the Certified Cider Professional program (CCP).

American Cider Association has released two CCP exams: The Intro Level and the more advanced Certified PommelierTM.

INTRO LEVEL: The first level is offered as an online exam. Test questions fall into six categories: (1) Apples, the orchard & history (2) Cider making (3) Evaluation (4) Families & Flavor (5) Keeping & serving (6) Food & cider.

The exam is 60 questions long and costs $75 for non-members. American Cider Association members receive a discount with the exam costing $60*. You must score 85% to pass--you get two attempts per exam fee in a 30-day period.

Certified PommelierTM: This exam can only be taken in person. The pilot test was offered in Chicago during CiderCon 2019. The exam consists of short answer, essay and blind tasting questions and costs $200 for non-members. American Cider Association members receive a discount with the exam costing $120.

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Although preparation workshops take place throughout the US, the exam is designed to allow self-guided preparation. We have put together these materials to assist you:

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NOTE: A password is required for American Cider Association members to receive the discounted member price. Contact us for the password.

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This is the more advanced test in the CCP program. American Cider Association will be releasing more study resources throughout the year, but we have put together these materials to assist you in your studies:

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