American Cider Association Committees

As an organization our engine is largely volunteer run. We count on our members to join our committees and help do the time consuming work that is needed to help the cider industry progress. We are grateful for the members who dedicate so many hours of work each year to help us achieve our mission.
Meet your current committee members below. Want to get engaged? Please fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page.
Government Affairs
Government Affairs Committee

Chair: Jeff Parrish, Portland Cider Company

Amy Stinson, Vermont Cider Company

Ben Calvi, Vermont Cider Company

Brooke Glover, Swilled Dog Cider

Charlotte Shelton, Albemarle Ciderworks

Colin Schilling, Schilling Cider

Dave Takush, 2 Towns Cider House

Doug Smith, Sly Clyde Ciderworks

Simon Ingall, Grisamore Ciderworks

Steve Garwood, Ragged Hill Cider

Zuzana Zvarova, Angry Orchard

Antiracism, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Chair: Maura Hardman, Seattle Cider Company

Ben Calvi , Vermont Cider Company

Hannah Ferguson, D.O.P.E. Cider House & Winery

Joshua De Loach, Pomme Pride

Katie Campos

Malaika Tyson, CiderSoms

Michelle McGrath, American Cider Association

Sean Tyson, CiderSoms

Seth Boeve, Virtue Cider

Terrence Gagala

Data Insights
Data Insights Committee

Chair: Casey Baxter, Blake's Cider

Aaron Sarnoff Wood, 2 Towns Cider House

Amy Nakashima, Vermont Cider Company

Brooke Glover, Swilled Dog

Darrin Wilson

Dave Takush, 2 Towns Cider House

Eleanor Leger, Eden Cider

Eric West, Cider Guide

Lester Jones, National Beer Wholesalers Association

Philippe Bishop, Alpenfire

Zack McIntosh, Slaughter Orchards

Education Committee
Education Committee

Chair: Darlene Hayes, All Into Cider

Chris Shields, Rhinegeist Cider

Jennie Dorsey, ACA

Michelle McGrath, ACA

Soham Bhatt, Artifact Cider

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