Cider And Cheese Pairings For Any Occasion

By Guest Contributor | July 25, 2019

A technique review in honor of #WineAndCheeseDay It’s a perfect summer morning in the Pacific Northwest. As I stroll into work my mind wanders. Stopping for a shady moment under an apple tree heavily weighted with delicious glowing orbs I am suddenly struck with the desert island question. What drink would I take with me?…

USACM Solicits Feedback On Cider Styles

By Michelle McGrath | May 10, 2019

It is the USACM’s mission to move our industry forward and grow a cider community that is successful and inclusive, entrepreneurial and diverse. That’s why the USCAM’s style guidelines are a living document – a work in progress, open to new information and new perspectives. We encourage anyone to provide feedback through our annual style survey [Click…

Hand holding a red-fleshed apple

NOW OPEN: 2019 Feedback Form for USACM Cider Styles

By Michelle McGrath | April 3, 2019

We call our USACM Cider Style Guide a living document. We’ve updated it twice since its first release in the fall of 2017, both times based on the feedback of the cider industry. It’s our goal to be transparent and responsive to our members, so we built an annual feedback mechanism directly into our cider lexicon…

2018 USACM Award Results Announced

By Michelle McGrath | February 19, 2019

The results are in! Here’s a complete list of 2018 USACM Award Winners. All our award winners are selected by USACM members, except for Member of the Year and Significant Contribution to the Cider Industry Awards which are selected by the USACM Board of Directors. This is the fourth year we’ve honored people who are…

The Cider Rebound: Now, Let’s Keep It Going!

By Michelle McGrath | February 14, 2019

A recap of Nielsen’s keynote presentation at CiderCon 2019 in Chicago. For the last three years we’ve been honored to have our partners at Nielsen present on the state of the cider industry during CiderCon’s opening session. They offer many of our members individual services, but we work with Nielsen to bring our members broad…

2019 USACM Board Election Results

By Michelle McGrath | February 9, 2019

Cider Association Elects 2019 Board of Directors Paul Vander Heide of Michigan Reelected as President Portland, OR (February 8, 2019) –The United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM) elects a new slate of directors and officers each year during its annual meeting which takes place during CiderCon – the industry conference for USACM members held…

PRESS RELEASE: USACM Announces Certified Pommelier Objectives

By Michelle McGrath | January 17, 2019

United States Association of Cider Makers FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The beer, wine and spirits industries all have recognized certification programs designed for food and beverage professionals. The hard cider industry has had its own version—the Certified Cider Professional (CCP) program—since 2016 through the United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM). Until recently, the CCP…

CiderCon Contest!

By Michelle McGrath | January 10, 2019

How does a cider vacation sound? Pretty good? Well, here is a chance to go on one for FREE! To enter, simply book your room for CiderCon 2019 in Chicago at the Hilton by January 18! GRAND PRIZE: We’re giving away “The Ultimate California Cider Vacation” to one lucky winner to attend CiderCon 2020 in California.…

2019 Board Nomination Period is Open

By Michelle McGrath | January 9, 2019

Every year at CiderCon we honor the service of our board of directors throughout the previous year. We also hold elections for rotating board seats. About a third of the board is up for election each year. Our board is structured such that full members (active cidery level member employees) hold the seats. We have…

Membership Forum

By Michelle McGrath | December 31, 2018

Have a question about filtering? Trying to sell a used brite tank? Selling juice? Looking for a cider job? Our Membership Forum is a great place to post your cider industry specific classifieds. If you are a vendor or contractor, please contact us for forum sponsorship inquiries. Solicitations are not permitted on the forum otherwise.