Cider Data Trends Reports

Highlights from the Most Recent Cider Report Data

Regional cider brand sales were up 11% for year over year comparisons of Nielsen-measured off-premise channels for the 52-week period ending with Q3 of 2021.

Total cider category sales for the 52-week period ending with Q3 of 2021 were up 2% compared to 2019 and down 4% when compared to 2020 for Nielsen-measured off-premise channels.

In on-premise channels, cider’s rebound for the 12-week period of Q3 for 2021 compared to the same period for 2020 exceeded beer’s rebound for both draft and packaged sales.

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For more details on how the category is performing including regional and packaging analysis, members may download  Nielsen reports from our Cider Report Library.

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