Buy Cider Direct from CiderCon® 2021 Featured Speakers

While we may not have our normal tasting sessions at CiderCon® this year, you CAN purchase the ciders made by our wonderful speakers to sip on while you participate in a virtual CiderCon® from the comfort of your home. We’ve compiled this helpful guide (listed by session, cidery, and speaker) of where you can buy cider online from the cidermakers speaking at CiderCon® 2021. Make your purchases today so they will arrive in time to enjoy during the conference—or, purchase them later to enjoy during a replay of one of the 35+ recorded CiderCon 2021® sessions.

Factors to Consider When Making Sparkling Cider

Strategies for Creating a Successful Blend

Quince Fermentation

Co-Fermentation in Natural Cider

Improving the Shelf Life of Canned Cider

How to Build the Financial Section of Your Business Plan

Cidernomics 102: Evaluating Sales Channel Economics

Consumer Expectations of Single Varietal Ciders

Winter Orchard Care 101

Cider Clubs: Growth, Opportunities, & Tools

CiderCon® Mainstage Presentations

We are stoked to have these 4 amazing mainstage speakers join us at CiderCon® 2021! Our mainstage is sponsored by Fintech.

This engaging seminar will consist of a robust presentation of current market trends impacting craft cider sales. How was your business impacted by shifts in consumer behavior in 2020? How well did you adapt to the dramatic changes? We will discuss how craft suppliers are using consumer demand data to stay agile, and what you need to look out for in 2021.

Have you made a commitment and embarked on the journey toward improved diversity and inclusion outcomes but find your efforts to be disjointed and running out of steam? In this talk, Dr. J guides attendees through building a comprehensive strategic plan for inclusion, equity, and justice (IEJ) work; creating a responsibility structure to foster accountability and transparency; and addresses the challenging realities of implementation.

Justin Doggett, owner of Kyoto Black Coffee, will be taking a retrospective look at the effects of the SARS-CoV 2 pandemic on the food industry and offering insights on some of the unique challenges and opportunities to thrive that have been created by this event.

The cider industry is thirsty for analytics, but just like a new cider drinker we’re not all sure which flavor we want to invest in. Beverage alcohol analytics veteran, Michael Uhrich, will give a taste of insights in alcohol competition, pricing, assortment, and more to help your business today and inspire you to up your analytics game.