What is “DRY”?

By Michelle McGrath | July 30, 2018

USACM Board endorses dryness language Note from Michelle: On November 4, 2019 this blog was edited to reflect current information. It was originally published onJuly 30, 2018. I’ve struck-out language that is no longer relevant.  Last summer we launched our Cider Lexicon project with the stated goal of creating tools that will help a consumer more…

USACM Member Updates for April 2018

By Michelle McGrath | April 9, 2018

We know how important industry statistics are to you and the rest of the cider community. We’ve been busy working to bring you the highest potential possible from our partnership with Nielsen. We’re excited to have several updates for our members about this partnership: Nielsen is extending a special packaging design offer to our active members with…

Exclusive Member Savings with Nielsen: Package Design Audit

By Michelle McGrath | April 6, 2018

Nielsen is extending a special packaging design offer to our active members with a multi-pack product (4- or 6-packs). This is an opt-in group study and therefore costs 90% less than an independent study. On top of that savings, as an active member, you will receive a $300 discount to participate. Contact Nielsen by APRIL 12 to sign up. This audit…

USACM Board President’s Statement on Tariffs

By Paul Vander Heide | March 8, 2018

The United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM) strongly opposes the proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. Aluminum and steel are integral components of the American beverage industry of which cider is a growing part. This tariff will create an unnecessary burden on our industry’s supply chain. The cost of this tariff will ultimately fall…

Cider Week Baltimore Schedule of Events

By Ellen Husch | January 21, 2018

Cider Week Baltimore

Important Membership Announcement: Bylaw Amendments

By Michelle McGrath | January 2, 2018

This is a notice that the board will ask the membership to vote on suggested bylaw amendments at the next annual meeting. The vote shall take place during the annual membership meeting at CiderCon at the Waterfront Marriott in Baltimore, Maryland at 9 AM on February 2, 2018. USACM’s bylaws have not been updated since…

How to get to Baltimore!

By Ellen Husch | December 26, 2017

It’s easy to get to Baltimore!  The Marriott address is 700 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore, MD. The hotel is accessible from three major airports – Baltimore (BWI), Ronald Reagan in Washington (DCA) and Washington Dulles (IAD) as well as by car.   The hotel does not offer shuttle service. Coming from BWI – the hotel is about 12 miles…

CiderCon Bonuses! Part 1

By Michelle McGrath | December 21, 2017

Like cider, CiderCon, is steeped in traditions. Somethings remain unchanged–our national Cider Share, our Grand Toast finale, our welcomed international cider making guests. But what are the bonus features for this year’s CiderCon in Baltimore? The following is part one of our bonus preview! We’ve added a VIP hour to Cider Share for distributors and…

Cider Tax News

By Michelle McGrath | December 20, 2017

Federal alcohol excise tax reform is included in the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Beer, wine, spirits and cider all benefit. What’s in it for cider? The threshold for which a cider maker receives the “Small Producer Tax Credit” has been significantly broadened. Previously, you could only receive this tax credit on the…

USACM gained non-profit status in 2014. Right at the get-go, we adopted a structure to support the diversity of our membership

By bnissen | October 26, 2017

By Bruce Nissen, Board President, USACM gained non-profit status in 2014. Right at the get-go, we adopted a structure to support the diversity of our membership: (1) Tiered membership levels based on annual production. (2) Board seats carved out for geographical regions and for large producers. Our board functions with 11 seats: five are…