From Snack to Sensation: Elevating Cider and Cheese for National Grilled Cheese Day

It is widely known that cider and cheese make exceptional pairings, but can we upgrade an excellent snack into the perfect meal? For National Grilled Cheese Day, I took to my favorite aisle in the grocery store to find new ways to bring cider and cheese together. 

When considering pairings, there are a few things I like to start with

  • Match intensities: This can be very important when working with strong flavors like those found in blue cheese.
  • The 4 C’s: Whether you start with the cheese or with the cider, consider if there are elements of each that you wish to balance out or to bring to the front by using the cut, complete, complement, or contrast methods.
  • Consider your condiments: Condiments can make or break a pairing so don’t forget about them.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of bubbles: Especially when working with buttery bread and strong cheese, allowing the carbonation to help cut through the fat can be very useful.

In this instance, I like to start with my type of cheese and then choose my cider style and complete the dish with bread, condiments, and other add-ons. In order to showcase the wide range of ciders available I have made pairings for all 5 of the Cider Families: Cider, Perry, Fruit Cider, Botanical Cider, and Dessert Cider.


Fresh mozzarella on a toasted baguette with crispy bacon and pistachio crumbles is cut and complemented by a cider made in the traditional method. The sparkling nature will cut through the buttery bread and fatty bacon and bring complementary fruity and vegetal qualities.

Smoked gouda on sourdough with honey dijon mustard, Pink Lady apple slices, and lemon zest is complemented by a harvest driven apple cider featuring at least medium tannin and no more than medium acidity. Consider a single varietal for this pairing. 


Aged cheddar on pumpernickel with a blueberry compote and balsamic vinaigrette is beautifully balanced by the floral acidity and light sweetness of a perry. Consider a blend of both low and high tannin pears to match the intensity of the cheddar. 

Fruit Cider

Gorgonzola on multi-seed bread with avocado and arugula paired with a semi-sweet, medium to medium+ acidity fruit cider. Consider a sour cherry cider for this pairing to bring out the nutty and green components of the sandwich.

Botanical Cider

Fontina cheese on potato bread with a basil pesto and fresh spinach can shine brightly with a semi dry botanical cider. Best cider matches for this pairing would have a medium body and at least medium acid that has nutty and green notes.

Dessert Cider

So for the dessert pairing, let me take you somewhere a little off the wall and make a sweet grilled cheese pairing. Brie cheese on a toasted croissant with nutella and fresh raspberries are the perfect match for ice cider that features notes of citrus floral and green.

Cheese and cider are the perfect pairing, and there are endless possible combinations. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut and measure with your heart. 

Looking for more information on cider and food pairing? Download our Food and Cider Pairing Basics Guide.

Looking for in person options to learn more about cider and food pairing? Check out our upcoming Level 1 Certified Cider Guide workshops around the country.

Open That Cider Bottle Winners

We had so much fun with Open That Cider Bottle this year and we can tell everyone else did too! The plethora of fun, sweet, beautiful and inspiring photos and stories that rolled in over the course of the day kept us smiling. There were so many to choose from that we had a hard time picking just one. So below, you’ll see this year’s prize winners and some runners up that we couldn’t resist sharing as well!

Best Cider Bottle Story Winner


A road trip, a dog, sipping cider amongst the orchards trees, the first of many adventures together. We loved the memories that Adam & Megan’s story evoked.

Best Cider Bottle Story Runner Up


The joy of falling in love with cider is what Matt brought to mind in his post. Heading back to the place where his cider adventure started and sharing a saved bottle around a fire with folks on a cold winter day

Best Cider Adventure Story Winner


Sometimes the adventure is in trying out new things. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t, but we sure had fun watching David’s pet nat (TNT) explode over and over again. Being a cidermaker requires a sense of adventure and we thought David’s trials put that on full display.

Best Cider Adventure Story Runner Up


Partaking of the local flavors wherever you happen to find yourself certainly inspired us! Not to mention Darlene’s beautiful picture of the setting where she found herself.

Best Cider/Food Pairing Suggestion Winner


Chicken tikka masala and cider? Yummy! Not to mention that we loved that David is studying for his Level 1 Certified Cider Guide exam while sipping and dining!

Best Cider/Food Pairing Suggestion Runner Up


We know that Eric and Storie of Press then Press know their ciders, but we loved seeing them show off their Certified Pommelier skills and pairing nachos with a tart apple-forward cider!

Best Cider Artistry Winner


This reel by George Hoerichs was just too pretty to watch only once. The fir trees, the flowers, the pine cones, the sunlight! Just, wow!

Best Cider Artistry Runners Up


Dave had us hooked as soon as we saw the fireplace, the glasses, and the snacks. Then the cider starts pouring and we fell in love!


Not only is the lighting super cool on this image from Will, but trying out his first quince cider and celebrating National Bartender Day had us wishing we could celebrate with him!

And the randomly drawn winner of the cider suitcase is:

February 24 Open That Cider Bottle

“Open That Cider Bottle” Day is almost here! Join us for this 3rd annual cider tradition on February 24 by celebrating your enjoyment of special bottles of cider on social media. Cider is best when enjoyed, so let’s seize the day! 

How to Participate:

Tell us and the world your cider bottle story and post it to Instagram, with the hashtag #openthatciderbottle and tag us @pickcider anytime on Saturday, February 24, 2024. Which cider bottle you want to open is up to you! Whether it’s an old favorite you’ve been saving or a new cider you can’t wait to try; a gift from a friend or a cider you stumbled on in your local bottle shop, we want to hear your bottle story! Also, the ACA will be offering prizes once again for various categories and everyone who participates will be entered to win a cider suitcase.

What Format?

Instagram posts! Whether it’s a photo, series of photos, or a reel be sure to share it as a post on your Instagram profile with the hashtag #openthatciderbottle and tag us @pickcider. We’ll be sharing your Open That Cider Bottle tales to our IG stories throughout the day as well as some of our own.


Besides the cider suitcase that all who participate will be entered to win, one winner will be selected by ACA staff to win a Pick Cider t-shirt in the following categories:

  • Best Cider Bottle Story – Share what makes the cider you chose so special to you.
  • Best Cider Adventure Story – Capture your cider bottle with an image that embodies the spirit of adventure in the world of cider.
  • Best Cider/Food Pairing Suggestion – Explore the world of culinary delights that pair well with your chosen cider.
  • Best Cider Artistry – Showcase the artistic side of cider whether it be a beautiful label or a beautiful setting for your cider bottle.

A Little History on Open That Cider Bottle

Open That Cider Bottle began in 2022 when we stumbled upon Open That Bottle Night. Open That Bottle Night was started in 2000 by two Wall Street Journal columnists, Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher. Since then, it has become an annual tradition held on the last Saturday of February, where people open that special bottle and share memories. We hope to make Open That Cider Bottle a special tradition for all those who love cider.

Celebrate Cider at Upcoming Festivals!

As the leaves begin to change and the air grows crisp, there’s nothing quite like sipping on a delicious cider to fully embrace the autumn season. And what better way to indulge in this quintessential fall beverage than by attending a cider festival? Whether you’re a seasoned cider connoisseur or a casual fan looking to expand your palate, there are plenty of local and regional cider festivals happening across the United States. From the East Coast to the West Coast, get ready to raise a glass and celebrate cider at these must-attend events!

Cider Summit Seattle
September 8-9, 2023
Seattle, Washington

Join the fun at Lake Union Park @ MOHAI for the region’s largest hard cider tasting event, featuring 150 selections from nearly 50 producers. Among the selections will be local, regional and international favorites, mead, cider cocktails, fruit spirits and maybe even a few surprises! This is an outdoor event – rain or shine!

Maryland Cider Festival
September 9, 2023
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Mark your calendars for the inaugural Maryland Cider Festival, happening on Saturday, September 9th from 11 am to 4 pm at Two Story Chimney Ciderworks in Gaithersburg, MD. The festival will feature ten local cideries showcasing their best hard ciders, from dry to sweet, still to sparkling, modern to heritage, and everything in between. You’ll get to sample a variety of flavors and styles, and learn more about the cider-making process from the experts.

Pour the Core NY
September 23, 2023
Yaphank, New York

Pour the Core: A Hard Cider Festival is coming to Southaven County Park in Yaphank on Saturday, September 23rd, for another fantastic fall day filled with ciders from local, national and international cidermakers, plus a donut eating contest, food trucks, and more!

Whidbey Island Cider Festival
September 30, 2023
Coupeville, WA

Check out the Whidbey Island Cider Festival. They strive to build community while highlighting the locally crafted ciders, meads, spirits and beers of their beautiful island. Come and see what Whidbey Island has to offer in locally crafted ciders, brews, spirits and mead!

Cider Week New York
October 6-15, 2023
Throughout New York State

Glynwood launched the inaugural Cider Week in 2010 as an outcome of a travel exchange between French and American cider producers. Distinctive products like hard cider evoke a local food culture and sense of place that is closely tied to agriculture in addition to garnering more profit for farmers. Recognizing these opportunities while addressing the still-real obstacles faced by our farming community, Glynwood’s goal was to foster a cider market in the Hudson Valley as the linchpin in a chain of positive social, environmental, economic and community benefits. After over 10 years of successful growth, Cider Weeks in New York are now a production of the New York Cider Association, and continue to cultivate an appreciation for New York’s orchard-based cider by showcasing NY cider’s diversity, food-friendliness, and excellent quality in cider production.

Carolina CiderFest
October 21, 2023
Asheville, North Carolina

Carolina CiderFest will feature ample tastings of hard cider, mead, apple wine, and seltzers along with artisanal food, live music, and workshops, all in the heart of Downtown Asheville. The al-fresco event will be held during the peak of fall colors and the height of the area’s busiest tourism season on Saturday, October 21, 2023 from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the new, improved, and expanded venue, McCormick Field, home to Asheville’s own Tourists Baseball team.

Minnesota CiderFest
October 21, 2023
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The region’s premier cider sampling event, Minnesota CiderFest, will feature unlimited samples from the region’s best cideries. Join them for cider, food trucks, and music outdoors at Minneapolis Cider Company. Enjoy unlimited samples of unique ciders from your favorite local and regional cideries.

Philly Cider Week
October 21-29, 2023
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Since its inception in 2018, Philly Cider Week has connected cider enthusiasts across industries in Philadelphia through thoughtful programming. Cider sales thrive when they have their own section on a menu and our annual week of events allows establishments to experience the viability of featuring ciders more prominently year round and encourages new relationships between small businesses. At its core, PCW’s mission is to educate and raise the awareness of cider as an agricultural beverage.

Franklin County CiderDays
November 3-5, 2023
Franklin County, Massachusetts

The folks at Franklin County CiderDays are beginning the process to reinvigorate the apple and hard cider festival you know and love! Plans are afoot to present a full slate of activities on the first weekend of November for the 29th incarnation of this beloved event – November 3 – 5, 2023. Stay tuned for more details.

Virginia Cider Week
November 10-19, 2023
Throughout Virginia

Virginia Cider Week started in 2012 when the Virginia House of Delegates and the state Senate passed House Joint Resolution 105 to designate the full week before Thanksgiving as Cider Week in Virginia. Since then, cideries across the Commonwealth have celebrated Virginia Cider Week through festivals, tastings, pairing dinners, workshops, and open houses at venues throughout the state. Virginia Cider Week is a great time to celebrate the growth and variety of the Virginia cider industry.

Oregon Cider Week
January 13-21, 2024
Throughout Oregon

Oregon Cider Week Special Edition is happening in conjunction with CiderCon® 2024, hosted in Portland, Oregon. The Northwest cider community will welcome visiting conference attendees, media, buyers and cider fans at a wide variety of not-to-be-missed events. Save the date(s) and stay tuned!

Don’t see your festival on here? Let us know!

Crack the Code: Your Guide to Finding Dry Cider in the Supermarket

Ready to get in on the fun this Dry Cider July? Let’s talk about the best ways to find dry cider at the supermarket. With a plethora of options from fruity summer flavors, botanical ciders, and distractingly beautiful labels, it can be hard to determine which ones are dry. Thankfully, there are some telltale signs whether the cider that’s caught your eye is dry or not.

First, let’s talk about the difference between dry vs. sweet cider labels. Ciders in the U.S. are labelled based on their residual sugar, and fit into one of four categories: Sweet, Semi-Sweet, Semi-Dry, or Dry. This month celebrates the driest of the dry. Dry ciders have 0 grams of sugar and what we’ll be focusing on. We’ll also touch on semi-dry ciders if that’s more your speed. It still counts on the ‘gram.  So, how to choose? Here are four strategies to determine whether or not a cider is dry.

Cider Name or Subtext

On the face of the cider, the can or bottle should have a name. If the name or subtext includes dry, semi-dry, off-dry or brut, we’re on the dry end of the spectrum. Conversely, if we find sweet or semi-sweet listed, we can eliminate those options. 

Brut aside: Brut is a style of cider modeled after the French Brut Champagne. Cideries take different approaches to honor this beverage’s French origin by means of aging the cider on French wine barrels or using champagne yeast. What all Brut ciders have in common is their sparkling nature and zero grams of residual cider.

Cider Descriptors

Another way to tell if the cider in your hand is dry is to spin the can around and look for descriptors provided by the cidery. Many cideries provide a brief description of the cider, highlighting tasting notes and how to best experience it either temperature-wise or with food pairings. Some cideries go above and beyond by providing a sweet-to-dry sliding scale, denoting where this particular cider falls.

Sugar Content

If the other two methods haven’t brought you an answer yet, another option is to check the nutritional facts. This method can be unreliable as nutritional facts are not universally required for cider. However, if the nutrition facts are available, check how many grams of sugar are in the can. Generally, if there are 0-3 grams of sugar in a 16 oz can, you are squarely in dry country. If you’re more in a semi-dry mood, look for 4-10 grams of sugar.

Earlier this month in the ACA blog, Tim Godfrey highlighted that a dry cider might not taste dry after all. My favorite examples of this phenomenon are fruit ciders and ciders featuring the McIntosh apple. Fruit ciders bring their own character to the table and the fruitiness can trick our brain into thinking a cider with 0 grams of sugar is a sweet cider. Similarly, McIntosh apples are flamboyant, botanical apples that bring what our brains interpret as sweetness to the drink. These ciders can provide a different kind of dry cider experience.

Zero (or no) Sulfites

This final strategy to determine if you have a dry cider is a tried but not always true method. Look to see if the can lists zero (or no) sulfites. The addition of sulfites is a common method to stop the cider’s fermentation process before the cider is fully dry. If the cider lists that it is sulfite-free, you most likely have yourself a dry cider. Many cideries let their cider go completely dry to negate the need for sulfites. Because sulfites are a method of halting fermentation before a cider is fully dry, their presence likely indicates a sweeter cider. Note that some cideries may choose to add sulfites to their dry cider as a precautionary measure.

Whichever method you choose to follow here, listen to your gut. What sounds good to you? What flavor profile will appeal to your friends at the bottle share? And, if you follow these tips to your next favorite dry cider, let us know on Instagram using #dryciderjuly and #pickdrycider. Cheers! 

Want a cheat sheet for dry cider near you? Check out our Dry Cider Finder!

Alexsis Cassady is a cider influencer and Certified Pommelier™ who can be found on Instagram @ciderminded.

Delicious Cocktail Concoctions for Dry Cider July

Summer is my favorite time of year for cocktails, from lazy beach days to backyard barbecues, or just relaxing under the warm sun, every activity is ripe with cocktail possibilities. It doesn’t hurt that we are surrounded by fresh juicy berries, crisp veggies, and citrus galore. I can think of no better way to enjoy the bounty of the season than to create dry cider cocktails for any palate.

Basic Rules for Cocktails

When it comes to creating your own cocktail recipes, there are a few basic rules that can really up your game.  

  • The 3 Ingredient Formula: Classic cocktails tend to follow a similar and reproducible 3 “ingredient” formula. Base liquor, ingredients to add sweetness, acidity, or both, and then your extras.  The goal of the 3 ingredient formula is to create the perfect trifecta of balance and to be a building block for endless cocktail variations.
  • Ice: Should your drink be shaken, stirred, or built? Should your drink be served up or on the rocks?  The accepted “rule” is to shake if there is citrus in the cocktail, and to stir if the cocktail is spirit heavy. Built cocktails, also known as mixed drinks tend to be one liquor and one mixer with no added acid or sweet ingredients.
  • Ratios: As for ratios, I like to start by considering the “golden rule” or 2:1:1.  That is 2 parts spirit to 1 part sweet and 1 part sour. While I do use the word “rule”, I do say that with a grain of salt. These are more guidelines than hard and fast rules and are meant simply as a starting point for your cocktail constructions.

How Dry Cider Fits In

Now that we have our basic cocktail formula down, we can start to piece in cider to our formula. There are a few basic parameters to help in choosing just the right cider.

First, we can break any cider down into its base components: Sweetness/ Acidity/ Tannin

Because we are looking for cocktails using only dry cider, that leaves us with the following 4 categories.

  • Dry high acid, high tannin
  • Dry low acid, low tannin
  • Dry low acid, high tannin
  • Dry high acid, low tannin

Along with these categories, be sure to also consider fruitiness or perceived sweetness in the cider.

Next, we can break a cider down even further into basic mouthfeel and flavor categories. This would include whether it is still or sparkling, barrel aged or not.  We could even dive as deep as pinpointing its most expressive flavor elements, but to be honest, we don’t even need to go that far to make delicious cider cocktails.

Now we have our basic cocktail rules and we have our basic cider components we can start to construct some delicious cocktails. I started my list by venturing out to the local farmers market. I was struck by the number of delicious fruits, berries and cucumbers and even fresh eggs that caught my eye. This was the inspiration for these true summer cocktails.

White Linen a.k.a  Cucumber Gin Fizz

This cocktail is a refreshing crowd pleaser.  

  • 1.5 oz. gin
  • .5 oz. St. Germain
  • Cucumber 
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • .5 oz. simple syrup
  • Saline spray (optional)
  • Top with a dry floral cider
  • Cucumber ribbons for garnish

Muddle cucumber in a shaker, add gin ( I like Hendricks in this application), St. Germain, simple syrup, and fresh lemon juice. Add ice, shake well and double strain

Upstate New York Sour

Elegant and beautiful, this twist on a classic cocktail is sure to please. 

  • 2 oz. bourbon
  • .75 oz. simple syrup
  • 1 oz. fresh lemon juice
  • 1 egg white
  • 1.5 oz. dry tannin forward cider
  • Bourbon-soaked cherries for garnish

Add bourbon, simple syrup, lemon juice and egg white (or vegan foamer) to a shaker and dry shake to incorporate all the ingredients and achieve a nice foamy texture. Add ice and wet shake. Strain into a rocks glass and add a large ice cube. Using the backside of a bar spoon, float 1.5 oz of your favorite dry tannin forward cider.

Summer Cider Sangria

Looking to make a large batch cocktail that you can adjust ingredients based on what you have on hand? This is the perfect cocktail for any summer plans. 

  • 750ml dry cider
  • ½ cup apple or pear brandy
  • Apple or pear slices
  • Fresh berries
  • Fresh citrus
  • Citrus round and mint or other fresh savory herbs for garnish

Combine your fresh fruit and cider of choice into a large pitcher and stir to combine.  Once satisfied with the fruit infusion, add the brandy and lots of ice. If you prefer your sangria to be a little sweeter, add fresh juice or lemonade.

 *Note: you can change up the fruits used to better suit your cider choice. If your cider is low in acid, you could use more citrus. If your cider is higher in tannin, you could use more juicy red fruits to balance.

Not sure which cider to use, check out the American Cider Association’s Dry Cider Finder for a fantastic list of dry ciders throughout the US.

Celebrate World Cider Day on June 3!

World Cider Day glass of cider on a post

Saturday, June 3, 2023 is World Cider Day! We hope you’ll join us in the international declaration of love for the beverage we all hold dear. Whether you’re sipping on a crisp apple driven cider or a unique botanical cider, take a moment to snap a photo and share it on your social channels this Saturday. Posting about your favorite cider can help raise awareness about this beautiful beverage and also gives you a chance to connect with other cider enthusiasts and cidermakers around the globe. Show your support for cidermakers and small businesses, and join the conversation using the hashtags #WorldCiderDay and #WCD2023 and tag us @pickcider. Let’s raise a glass to cider and cheers to a great day!

A Little History on World Cider Day

World Cider Day was launched by the members of the Association of Apple Wine and Fruit Juice Press Houses in Hesse, Germany in 2013 to promote cider and the meadow orchards in the region. Since then it has been embraced by cideries, bars, restaurants, cider associations and cider lovers all over the world. Learn more and find resources on the World Cider Day website.

Open That Cider Bottle 2023 Prize Winners

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so ecstatic with the turnout for year two of our #openthatciderbottle celebration! Almost 100 posts from around the United States and from Canada, France, Japan, Spain and the UK! There were so many amazing posts and amazing cider bottle stories told that it made it really hard to choose just one winner for each category. But it had to be done, so without further ado the winners are…

Most likely to make you 🤣: @cidermakeric

Consulting with the cellar dog to see what to taste for Open That Cider Bottle? It’s hard to quit smiling when you see this adorable pic!

Most likely to 🤯: @fencelinecider

A gift of cider made in 1993? Made by a family that’s been making cider since the late 1800s? How could our minds not be blown?!

Most likely to warm your ❤️: @heartland_ciderworks

It may look chilly outside in this pic, but it warms our hearts to hear about a cidermaker popping the top on their first commercially made cider and making their dreams come true! Good luck!

Most likely to make you 💲 a 🍾: @littleapplecidery

This was one of the first things to show up on our feed for #openthatciderbottle and we just couldn’t help watching this reel again and again and wishing we had a bottle to sip on too!

And last but not least…the randomly drawn winner of the wine (we mean cider) suitcase is…


And she created a pretty awesome story about this Kingston Black trio from Finnriver too!

Open That Cider Bottle Returns February 25

Open That Cider Bottle is back and better than ever on February 25! This year the ACA will be offering prizes for various categories and everyone who participates will be entered to win a wine (ahem, cider) suitcase. Read on to learn more about what we’re looking for and get ready to share your cider story with us!

A Little Background

Open That Cider Bottle began in 2022 when we stumbled upon Open That Bottle Night. Open That Bottle Night was started back in 2000 by two Wall Street Journal columnists, Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher. Held on the last Saturday in February of each year, this day encourages folks to open up that special bottle and share memories.

While they may have been talking about wine, we know that there are a lot of special bottles of cider with great stories sitting on shelves and in cellars just waiting to be opened and have their stories told. So we’re once again asking you to open one of those special bottles and share your cider bottle story on Instagram.

Is it a bottle from the first batch you ever made? Does it have a unique apple variety that you’ve been wanting to try? A cider you stumbled upon while on vacation? A cider gift from a friend that you’ve been saving? A cider that you fell in love with the first time you tried it and had to add it to your collection? Silly or poignant, we want to hear them all and there’s a chance to win some awesome prizes! 

Did We Say Prizes?

Yes, we did! Besides the aforementioned wine suitcase that all who participate have a chance to win, we will also be offering prizes to our favorites in the following categories:

  • Most likely to make you 🤣
  • Most likely to warm your ♥️
  • Most likely to 🤯
  • Most likely to make you 💲 a 🍾

So tell us and the world your cider bottle story and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #openthatciderbottle and tag us @pickcider on Saturday, February 25, 2023!

Cellar Looking Empty?

This holiday is a great excuse to support a local bottle shop. Pick up a bottle of a cider that excites you and join us in seizing the day!

Dry Cider January Announced by Cider Association

The American Cider Association is launching a month long campaign called Dry Cider January to promote their members’ ciders containing 0 grams of sugar. They will list the ciders on their website and will be promoting them through the association’s social media channels with the hashtags #dryciderjanuary and #pickdrycider. 

The list will be updated regularly and can be found here.

“The brain has a hard time distinguishing fruity from sweet. Many ciders with absolutely no sugar in them can still be fruit-forward,” explained the association’s executive director, Michelle McGrath. “You’ll find there are a multitude of dry ciders available when you start seeking them,” she added. 

Alcohol is created when yeast converts sugar into alcohol through fermentation. A cider that contains no residual sugar has been fermented to absolute dryness. Sometimes cidermakers will blend a completely dry cider with fresh juice for acid/sugar balance, but other times they leave the cider entirely dry. These dry ciders are what the association is listing on their website for the campaign.

“It’s fairly common for cidermakers to list a dryness scale on their packaging nowadays. Although the definition of ‘dry’ may vary, a 0g sugar cider will generally be marked as such on the back label. ‘Bone dry’ is another term some companies may use to distinguish their 0 grams RS ciders from their dry ciders with only 1 or 2g,” McGrath shared. Some dry ciders, like Brut from Virtue Cider, include nutrition labels that indicate 0g sugar. 

The list of ciders on the association’s website demonstrates the flavors and styles possible not only in the cider category, but in ciders with 0g sugar.  From single varietal ciders showcasing specific apple varieties and served in a 750ml bottle to ciders aged on rose and hibiscus petals and served in a 12 oz can, the range is impressive. They are adding to the list daily throughout January. Follow along on their Instagram account @pickcider to learn more about the featured products. 

The American Cider Association is developing additional campaigns for 2020 to showcase their members and highlight the diversity of flavor and style in the category. 


Active members of the American Cider Association may submit their 0g sugar ciders to be featured here. Consumers can participate with the hashtags #dryciderjanuary and #pickdrycider.