Nicole Wheeler

Nicole Wheeler is a founding partner and owner at Treehorn Cider in Marietta, Ga., just outside Atlanta, and runs the business end of the booze-making as well as the tasting room. Everyone loves a good meal, well-paired with a delicious beverage, but Nicole has a deep passion for elevating everyday experiences with just the right drink. She loves to travel, and with her husband, Treehorn’s Head Ciderist, bring new flavors and stories home to weave into Treehorn’s cider offerings. People are the heart of any hospitality business, and Nicole delights in her work being a part of thousands of happy moments of celebration and fun. The intense studying necessary to becoming a Certified Pommelier was a natural extension of her love of all things apple. She takes great pride in her certification, and looks forward to using the knowledge gained to ensure that just the right cider is on the table, every time.