Michelle McGrath

Michelle joined the American Cider Association as executive director in July of 2016. Her rich history includes non-profit management, membership development, supporting farmers and value-added producers, grassroots lobbying, teaching and more. Michelle grew up on a Christmas tree farm in the Sierra Nevada Foothills near the famous Apple Hill. Today she lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their two young sons. Michelle has a master’s degree in Ecology from University of California, San Diego and a certificate in sustainable business from Pinchot University. She was recognized by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as one of 40 tastemakers under 40 in 2018 and as a SevenFifty Daily Innovator in 2019. 

Sara Cravens

Sara Cravens is the Taproom Manager and Donation Coordinator for 2 Towns Ciderhouse based in Corvallis, Oregon. She became a Certified Pommelier to help her staff and guests learn as much about cider as possible. Being able to answer questions knowledgeably provides satisfaction and encourages further exploration of the cider industry.

Alexsis Cassady

Alexsis Cassady is a cider influencer who can be found on Instagram @ciderminded. Becoming a Certified Pommelier™ has been one of her biggest goals since launching @ciderminded. Alexsis sees this certification as a way to become more active in the industry while also creating content that cider-curious drinkers can trust.

Jennie Dorsey

Jennie Dorsey is founding member of Pomme Boots Society for women in the Cider Industry and has held numerous positions since she first entered the Cider Industry over a decade ago. Jennie actually began her journey in the coffee industry where she was a nationally ranked competition barista and trainer specializing in sensory analysis with a focus on food pairings.  The skills honed in competition led her on the path of beverage discovery, where she fell in love with cider and it’s unmatched pairing possibilities. Jennie is a working member of the Cider Certification team, and she was given the distinguished award of Cider Server of the Year in 2018 by the ACA. Jennie is passionate about food and beverage of all kinds, cinema, vintage lifestyle and can always be spotted by her brightly colored hair.

Jennie currently serves as the Cider Education Outreach Manager at the American Cider Association.

Jana Daisy-Ensign

Jana Daisy-Ensign has spent nearly two decades in craft beverage industry, including experience in distribution, consulting, sales, events, marketing and category writing. She holds a Masters Degree in Communications, helped found Pomme Boots Society in 2015 and is honored to have earned Certified Pommelier™ status in 2020, as one of a small (but growing) number of the American Cider Association’s highest ranking cider experts.

She chose to become a Certified Pommelier™ because she is passionate about cider and believe that education and professional training is vital to helping grow the category.

Jana Daisy-Ensign currently works as a Program Manager for the Northwest Cider Association.