Hannah Keggins

Hannah Keggins is the Cidermaker at Westwind Orchard. After studying entomology in Northern New York, she made her way to the Hudson Valley in 2017 and found herself working in the orchard and managing the farm store at Westwind. She quickly dove into the world of cidermaking while simultaneously helping establish the orchard’s cidery & tasting room. Hannah has a passion for making ciders with a keen focus on the use of true cider varieties and low intervention techniques.

Tom Hansen

Tom Hansen grew up in and still resides in New York State’s Hudson Valley, surrounded by farmland and natural beauty. It wasn’t until he started working at the Angry Orchard Cider House in 2021, that he truly discovered how to share his love for the Hudson Valley. As it turns out, the Hudson Valley’s Cider Industry was the catalyst that combined his passion for craft beverage, agriculture, and the community that Tom had been looking for. At Angry Orchard, Tom has the opportunity to work within the tour and experiential world of hospitality, while also educating guests about cider and the progression of the cider category. Cider is a natural fit for Tom’s skill set, and he fell in love with the world surrounding it almost immediately.

Brynn Nencetti

After five years of experience in the cider industry, Brynn Nencetti has stepped down into a role of simple cider cider enthusiast. She hopes to re-enter the cider world one day on the path of education or cider production. In the meantime you can find her making cocktails in Kingston, New York.

Johnny Rice

Johnny Rice loved the first taste of cider they had. When studying the botany and history of apples, a passion started. Working in horticulture in the black dirt region of New York, Johnny pursued cider as a hobbyist. From buying juice from local orchards to building they’re own press and grinder. They became an assistant at a local winery which put them on the path to being a cider maker at Orchard Hill Cider Mill. Rising to production manager Johnny does bartending, orchard management, making draft, single variety and sparkling ciders, as well as pommeau.

Christian Rodriguez

Born in the Bronx, Christian Rodriguez moved to New York’s Hudson Valley at a young age. While he has loved cider since his college days, Christian’s professional journey into cider began when a friend forwarded an ad for a part-time tour guide role at the Angry Orchard Cider House in Walden, NY. Within a month, he fell in love with cider, its industry, and its history. In his current role as Taproom Asst. Manager, Christian manages the full- and part-time taproom and retail staff at the Angry Orchard. He also works alongside members of the Cider House’s sister taprooms to seize training opportunities and ensure the highest quality education for employees and guests alike.

Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson was born and raised in Florida and then spent nearly 10 years in Southern California, so, upon arrival to New York’s Hudson Valley, he was immediately fascinated by all of the apples growing there. His history involves working as a professional engineer, a musician, an art director and a radio host, so throwing this mixture of science, chemistry and creativity into a blender resulted in a perfect amalgam of all of those things: cidermaker. He began as an Assistant Cidermaker at Treasury Cider on Fishkill Farms in 2018 and was promoted to the role of Head Cidermaker in early 2020.

Bryan Barry

Bryan Barry, originally from Long Island, currently calls the Hudson Valley his home. His enthusiasm with collecting and learning about spirits ignited a deep interest in the stories and processes behind libations of all kinds, which he loves to share with friends and family. When he saw the opportunity to pursue a job at the Angry Orchard Cider House, this sparked his curiosity even more. Starting as a part-time tour guide in August 2021, Bryan has since progressed to the role of Tour Center Assistant Manager at Angry Orchard where he oversees and manages all tours & experiences for each and every guest, thoughtfully showcasing and educating folks on cider and the category as a whole and offering exceptional hospitality for all. Alongside his professional pursuits, Bryan is actively restoring an abandoned pear orchard at his residence, while simultaneously cultivating a diverse array of heirloom and bitter-sweet apple varieties to make cider at home as well.

Ann Bliss

Ann Bliss’ enthusiasm for cider stemmed from a shared interest with her sister, and budded into a passion while working at Mullers Cider House: a wonderland of New York State ciders. Her interests have blossomed into learning the cidermaking process from apple tree to human stomach. She gets the most enjoyment though from the time spent sipping cider with others. Anne chose to become a Certified Pommelier™ to learn more about all things cider related, to connect with other cider enthusiasts, and to have opportunities in regards to apple/cider education for others.

Danny Dispo

Danny Dispo has spent the last decade honing his knowledge of food, beverage and hospitality through the lens of bartending and mixology. He currently presides as bar manager and lead bartender at Hydraulic Hearth, a high volume, fast casual restaurant in Buffalo, NY. At Hydraulic Hearth, Danny has assembled one of the city’s top cocktail programs and has amassed an impressive backbar and inventory, featuring the largest selection of individual rums and ciders by the bottle in the greater Western New York region. 

In addition to running his bar, Danny also consults for many bars and restaurants throughout New York State. With him he brings experience from working in a Michelin-started Chicago restaurant and managerial positions in both Buffalo and Hawaii. Danny is a champion of the Finger Lakes Region, which he considers his ‘back yard’, and is eager to talk about the world class cider and wine being made there by his favorite producers.