Adrian Luna

Adrian Luna’s journey into the world of cider started off as a spontaneous adventure with his friends. Four years ago, they decided to go live on Instagram and review different ciders just for the fun of it. Little did they know, their Instagram lives gained so much attention and engagement that Adrian decided to create a dedicated account for reviewing ciders.

Driven by his passion for all things cider, Adrian embarked on a remarkable journey across the country. He visited various cidermakers at their taprooms, capturing their unique stories and experiences for his YouTube channel. His videos became a source of entertainment for cider enthusiasts everywhere.

In 2023, Adrian’s dedication and commitment to the cider industry were recognized when he was awarded the prestigious Cider Is For Everyone scholarship. This incredible opportunity allowed him to attend CiderCon® 2023, where he witnessed the incredible camaraderie and sense of community within the industry. This experience deeply resonated with Adrian, fueling his desire to become more involved.

Setting his sights high, Adrian set a goal for himself – to become a Certified Pommelier. With unwavering determination, he pursued the necessary training and knowledge to achieve this esteemed certification. His hard work paid off, as he became the second person in his home state of New Jersey to be recognized as a Certified Pommelier.

Adrian has big dreams for the cider scene in New Jersey. He aims to raise awareness about the wonders of cider and play a key role in its popularization process. With his infectious enthusiasm and passion, Adrian is ready to take on the challenge and bring the cider revolution to the forefront in his home state.

David Lindsey

Dave is a cider enthusiast, career tech consultant, whole-food home cook and proudly identifies as a “cider nerd”. He is a native son of New Jersey, the birthplace of college football and the Harrison apple.

Dave’s professional career to date has primarily focused on the technology and data analytics space. His interest in cider began while searching for gluten-free, minimally processed adult beverages several years ago. He fell down the “cider rabbit hole” with gracious assistance by management and staff at Her Father’s Cider Bar + Kitchen, while on extended vacation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with family.