Casey Simpson

Casey Simpson is the Operations Manager at Artifact Cider Project. She oversees logistics and warehousing, and supports their production crew. In addition, she is on the team that develops their small batch cellar projects. Casey says she is lucky to live in Western Massachusetts, an area with a rich cider history and that the thriving local community of cider lovers has taught her so much.

Casey chose to become a Certified Pommelier™ to support the cider community’s efforts to develop a common language for their diverse and ever-growing industry. She is excited to use the knowledge she has gained in the process of earning her certification to advocate for cider by educating others on its history, while building the future of the industry.

Tim Powers

Tim Powers is a cider enthusiast and educator who works at the Commonwealth Wine School in Cambridge, Masschusetts.

Tim has always had a passion for cider, but the moment he heard about the American Cider Association and the Certified Pommelier™ certification he knew it was a path he had to pursue. Tim loves the flexibility of cider to shine in any occasion, whether it’s served with food, blended into a mixed drink, or enjoyed on its own. Cider is a reflection of a place, a climate, a soil, a history, and a people, and his goal is to help share the stories of these incredible ciders and cideries with the world and raise awareness of the amazing local cideries of New England through advocacy and education.