Cider Styles

Test Driving a Cider Lexicon

The United States Association of Cider Makers introduced our first cider style guide in 2017.  Our ultimate target audience was consumers. How can we help consumers find a cider they like and come back to the category again and again, and how can we advance this goal by training beverage professionals, the folks that interface…

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USACM Solicits Feedback On Cider Styles

It is the USACM’s mission to move our industry forward and grow a cider community that is successful and inclusive, entrepreneurial and diverse. That’s why the USCAM’s style guidelines are a living document – a work in progress, open to new information and new perspectives. We encourage anyone to provide feedback through our annual style survey [Click…

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NOW OPEN: 2019 Feedback Form for USACM Cider Styles

Hand holding a red-fleshed apple

We call our USACM Cider Style Guide a living document. We’ve updated it twice since its first release in the fall of 2017, both times based on the feedback of the cider industry. It’s our goal to be transparent and responsive to our members, so we built an annual feedback mechanism directly into our cider lexicon…

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