April 12: Member Orientation Webinar

Join us for our Member Orientation on April 12 at 11:00 AM Pacific

We are thrilled to announce that we will be holding our first ever Member Orientation webinar! There is such a vast amount of resources that the ACA offers to you all and we want to make sure that you know where to find them and how to take advantage of them. Miranda, our new Membership Coordinator will be leading a short video to go over who we are as an organization, the benefits of being a member, and a tour of our website. We have made a few changes to make the things that you are looking for most, more easily accessible. She will also discuss the easiest ways to manage your membership, give your team access to the membership portal, and answer any questions you may have. 

The Orientation will take place via Zoom on April 12th at 11:00am Pacific Standard Time. If you have any questions regarding the Orientation, feel free to reach out to our Membership & Engagement Coordinator Miranda Bradeen at miranda@ciderassociation.org. If you are unable to attend, the video will be recorded and you will be able to watch it at a time that is convenient for you.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

May 13: 2024 Annual Membership Meeting

We’re thrilled to invite you to join us on Monday, May 13, 2024 at 12:00 PM Pacific on Zoom for our 2024 Annual Membership Meeting.

During the meeting, we’ll reflect on our accomplishments from the past year, take a close look at our new strategic plan, and discuss how we work together under the big tent of cider in the upcoming year to sustainably grow the cider industry. After the meeting, we’ll have an optional virtual cider hang for anybody wanting to network with your cider peers. Let’s lift a glass together to the great year ahead!

Please note that you must be an Active ACA Member to attend the meeting, but don’t worry if you’re not yet one, you can join or renew your membership by clicking here.

We’ll send you the Zoom link before the meeting on May 13, 2024, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox. We look forward to seeing you all virtually and celebrating the cider industry.

New Member Discount from Brewbound!

The ACA and Brewbound are pleased to announce a new partnership! Brewbound is offering ACA Members a 25% discount on their Insider subscription. Members can find their discount code in our Resource Hub.

Insiders receive access to all Brewbound site content, the Insider-exclusive newsletter, special virtual events and video content, and discounts on their events and job board. 

Brewbound is a leading industry trade publication providing comprehensive information about the beverage space, analysis of industry trends, and in-depth interviews with industry leaders. 

Meet Your 2024 ACA Board of Directors

Last Friday, the American Cider Association (ACA) announced the results of their annual Board of Directors Election at their 2024 industry trade conference, CiderCon®, held this year in Portland, Oregon. There were two At-Large positions up for grabs, with 7 candidates in the running.

Josie Mielke of Urban Orchards Cidery in Asheville, North Carolina and Shannon Edgar of Stormalong Cider in Sherborn, Massachusetts were elected as Directors At-Large. Both new board members bring a shared passion for the land and communities that they are a part of. Their unique perspective of establishing and growing their cider businesses within the last 10 years will meaningfully contribute to the perspective of the ACA Board of Directors and how the ACA can support the cider industry. 

New ACA Board Members

Josie Mielke is the Operations Director and founder of Urban Orchard Cider Company in Asheville, North Carolina. She was trained in the art of cider making in the United Kingdom at the Cider and Perry Academy in 2012 and opened Urban Orchard in the fall of 2013. Through Urban Orchard, Josie has championed North Carolina agriculture, by committing to purchase apples from North Carolina. Her cidery has only purchased juice from Hendersonville, North Carolina in the 11 seasons they have produced cider. Josie strongly believes in promoting the local economy, supporting local farmers, and knowing where your food comes from.

Shannon Edgar founded Stormalong Cider in 2014 in the pursuit of making ciders that showcase the unique flavors fermented from cider-friendly apples. Taking inspiration from the hard cider history in his adopted home of Sherborn, MA, the historical nature of some of these apple varieties and their connection to New England history has always been an interest to him. Over the last 9 years, Stormalong has grown into a passionate team of “Cider Geeks” evangelizing cider with a deep appreciation for apples and their craft.

2024 Officers Announced

The ACA Board Officers were also chosen by the incoming board of directors last week. The ACA is excited to announce:

-Christine Walter of Bauman’s Cider in Oregon as Board President

-Sarah Hemly of Hemly Cider in California as Vice President

-Dave Takush of 2 Towns Ciderhouse as Secretary

-John Behrens of Farmhaus Cider in Michigan as Treasurer.

Eleanor Legér, ACA Board President 2021-2024

Eleanor Legér of Eden Cider in Vermont was elected by her fellow directors as Board President in 2021. She is rotating off the executive committee to empower other leaders but will remain on the board in her continued role of Eastern Chair. First elected to the board in 2015, the ACA is incredibly grateful for her long and dedicated service to our mission and our members. She has served the role with honor!

Retiring Directors

Soham Bhatt and Brooke Glover are both retiring from their service as directors this year. The ACA is extremely grateful for their service and the unique perspectives they brought to the board.

Soham Bhatt served on the ACA Board of Directors in an At-Large position from 2021-2024. He started Artifact Cider Project in 2014, with co-founder Jake Mazar, with the desire to create exceptional cider that expresses the Northeast as it is today. With this philosophy and a commitment to helping sustain local orchards, especially in western Massachusetts, they started Artifact as a boot-strapped passion project that crisscrossed the state.

“Soham has been a very engaged and committed board member. He asks good questions and has a mind for strategy. He’s been critical to our education committee, and we’re excited that he will stay involved with our work to grow the Certified Cider Professional program moving forward,” said ACA CEO, Michelle McGrath.

Brooke Glover served on the ACA Board of Directors in an At-Large position from 2018-2024. Brooke is one of the owners of Swilled Dog Hard Cider, a family-owned company based out of West Virginia. Brooke is a Certified Cider Maker through CINA, Level I certified in Spirits through WSET, and a frequent lecturer at WVU. Her passions include dogs, family, learning, adventures, and tater tots.

“Brooke didn’t miss a single board meeting in her 6-year tenure on the board of directors. She has served on several ACA committees and has been a tremendous member of the ACA Executive Committee in her role as ACA Vice President,” McGrath said.

The ACA would like to thank all of the 2024 board candidates for their hard work and dedication not only in this election process but within the industry as a whole. We look forward to continuing to work together to push the envelope forward for cider in America. 

2024 ACA Board of Directors Candidates

The American Cider Association was founded 11 years ago by a group of individuals with a clear vision of a nonprofit structure, controlled by its members. In doing so, this ensured that those most impacted by the association’s work would be the same people in decision making roles. Today, the ACA has a Board of Directors, made up of its members, that help to expand its reach and impact. The founding board of directors took great care to protect geographic and business size diversity through the founding bylaws, a choice that still benefits the association today through our current board

As cidery members of the ACA, this means that your input helps to shape the organization. One of the benefits of your ACA membership is the ability to participate in voting. Every cidery, no matter the size, gets one vote as part of the ACA’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity in its board, which represents a range of cidery business models, sizes, and regions.

The 2024 ACA Board Elections are rapidly approaching. If you are an active member of the ACA and a bonded active cidery, your principal contact will receive an electronic ballot on Thursday, January 18, 2024 via email at 8:30 AM Pacific Time. You can vote from your hotel room at CiderCon® or from the cellar back home–all voting is done remotely. The ballot will close at 11:30 AM Pacific Time on Friday, January 19, 2024. 

This year there are two At-Large seats open on the ACA Board of Directors and 7 candidates in the running to choose from.  Please take the time to learn about the candidates running for the 2024 ACA Board by reading about them below. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Brooke Glover and Soham Bhatt are both rotating off the current board after completing their elected terms of service. Both were dedicated and supportive board members who will leave behind big shoes for new directors to fill. We’re incredibly grateful for all they’ve contributed to shaping and growing the ACA. Thank you Brooke and Soham!

Casey Baxter has 20 years of beer/cider sales experience at both the distributor and supplier level. He is the National Key Account Director for the newly formed Blake’s Beverage Company that includes Blake’s Hard Cider, Austin Eastciders, and Avid Cider. Casey has been with Blake’s for 3 years and most recently spent time with Founders Brewing & Vermont Hard Cider. He is also a proud member and chair of the data insights committee for the American Cider Association.

Candidate Statement

I have had the pleasure of serving on the ACA Data Insights committee for a couple of years now, and my experience there has shaped my interest in running for the ACA board of directors. What I’ve noticed in my role at Blake’s and on the committee is that the cider industry’s ability to innovate is stifled by a lack of tax parity and uneven regulations. As a board member, I would support a full review of state tax laws and TTB regulations. I want to support the ACA to do more to create change and help grow the industry. I am also excited to continue supporting the ACA’s efforts to be the best source of cider industry data available, by clearly defining Regional/National or Craft Cideries and seeing how each are represented by the ACA, including small cideries not typically found in SKU data. I will use my expertise to support a focus on generating data stories within cider for press coverage. Lastly, I look forward to further engaging with the cider community and ACA members to understand needs outside of my current perspective while making lasting relationships and providing insight through my experience.

Shannon Edgar founded Stormalong Cider in 2014 in the pursuit of making ciders that showcase the unique flavors fermented from cider-friendly apples with high levels of acid, tannins, and sugar. The historical nature of some of these apple varieties and their connection to New England history has always been a focus and interest. Stormalong was born in a barn in the town of Sherborn, MA, which was once home to the largest refined cider mill in the world in the late 1800’s. Prior to starting Stormalong, as an avid musician, Shannon spent 20 years working in various roles throughout the music industry for both major and independent record labels as well as in artist development. Shannon currently resides in Sherborn, MA on a small farm with his wife, 2 children, and apple trees close by.

Candidate Statement

I have been fortunate to follow my passions in my professional life starting in music and now spending the last decade in cider. In my world, passion drives everything and provides that extra level of resolve and determination needed to move forward in the face of adversity. Keeping that spark alive is key to building and growing cider and our community.

I’ve been told “no” a lot, and have dealt with the criticism, discouragement, and frustration that comes along with the territory in hyper competitive industries like music and beverage. Learning to deal with setbacks and challenges is a skill set I have honed well.

Cider to me can be captivating, inspiring, and can help give your soul the fuel and support it needs. It can also bring frustration and disillusionment. I ask myself on a regular basis “why am I doing this?” But I always find the inspiration to forge ahead from witnessing the pleasures of others tasting our ciders, or the fulfillment of a win in the industry. On top of that, the personal joy and satisfaction of taking something grown from the earth and transforming it into something beautiful is a reward in and of itself. Commercial success is an added bonus.

For my part in the ACA, I would help those that need inspiration and those that need help getting back up after being knocked down. I would lend my knowledge and resources to help all members on their journey in cider. The cider community is unique in its’ underdog status, diverse mix of people and cultures, and the challenges it faces. I would like to continue educating and campaigning for cider and provide a passionate voice of advocacy and support.

Meet Jeremy “Skywolf” Fleming, a California native whose professional journey mirrors the diverse landscapes that surround him in his home state. He is currently the Head Cidermaker at SLO Cider Co, in San Luis Obispo, California, a company he and 2 partners established in 2020. Beyond the cidery, Jeremy serves as a Member-At-Large on the Central Coast Cider Association board of directors where he focuses on sponsorship outreach and media coordination. Jeremy regularly speaks at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to graduate and undergraduate students regarding fermentation science and the nuances of manufacturing hard cider on a large scale. In addition, on a yearly basis he mentors several interns at his cider facility, designing senior projects for their graduation requirements, and offering them much needed hands-on experience in a manufacturing environment.

In years past, Jeremy began his professional beverage journey as co-founder and Head Brewer of a small craft brewery in San Luis Obispo. While immersed in the craft beer scene, Jeremy had the honor of contributing as the acting Treasurer on the board of directors for the Central Coast Brewers Guild. During this period, he played a pivotal role in expanding the guild’s reach across three counties, achieved through two successive bylaw updates spanning his four-year tenure. This era of growth significantly boosted the guild’s revenue by over 2,000% and helped foster collaboration within the beer community as well as enhance the sense of collective purpose among guild members. His experience in construction, engineering, and nuclear power systems hasn’t been the only thing that has contributed to his success in the craft beverage industry. He would point out that his experience in open-ocean outrigger racing and professional baking are just as important to his current career as a craft beverage specialist. Outside of his professional pursuits, you’ll find Jeremy immersed in fantasy novels, shredding on his snowboard, or finding peace paddling on the open ocean.

Candidate Statement

Over the past few years, I have grown to believe that the cider industry in the US is one of the most equitable and inclusive groups that I have ever known. After attending multiple CiderCon® events, and becoming a member of our local cider association, I’ve come to appreciate the diverse tapestry of voices that enrich this industry. I’m proud to be part of this industry and promise to always hold a welcoming space to contribute, collaborate, and thrive. As a Member-At-Large on the ACA Board, my goals would be twofold. My first goal would be to promote an industry wide strategy for Cider to be universally represented as its own unique category, not just another alternative beverage. Moving cider offerings from the bottom of the menu to its own dedicated section will increase confidence in the cider category, drive greater cider sales, and assist the cider industry’s growth. As a second goal, I plan to advocate for fair tax legislation at the state and federal levels. My overall goal would be encouraging new legislation to amend the CBMA, which would allow the addition of other fruits and flavorings to carbonated hard cider without triggering the Artificially Carbonated Wine tax.

Josie Mielke is the Operations Director and founder of Urban Orchard Cider Company in Asheville, NC. She was trained in the art of cider making in the United Kingdom at the Cider and Perry Academy in 2012 and opened Urban Orchard in the fall of 2013. Through Urban Orchard, Joise has championed NC agricultural, by committing to purchase apples from North Carolina. Her cidery has only purchased juice from Hendersonville, NC in the 11 seasons they have produced cider. Josie strongly believes in promoting the local economy, supporting NC farmers, and knowing where your food comes from. Josie has served on the Marketing Committee for the American Cider Association, is the Treasurer for the North Carolina Cider Association, mentors’ interns via AB Tech’s Brewing, Fermentation, and Distillation Program, and planned and executed Urban Orchard Cider Company from the ground up. When she is not working at Urban Orchard, you can find her either with her 3 dogs, at the gym, enjoying nature, dancing, volunteering for the community or traveling around the world.

Candidate Statement

Small business can be so difficult that it is often hard to think of the whole when you are fighting so hard for yourself; but the trials of post-pandemic operation have shown me that even a little bit of fellowship and sometimes commiseration can boost morale and be motivating for change. I believe that by having more routine and personalized interaction with Regional and State Cider Associations that the American Cider Association will be able to motivate more grassroots participation and increase the membership. It is imperative to our industry to look out for each other, to protect the value of cider in an ever-changing beverage landscape, and to have a cooperative Association that has the resources and backing to advocate for us at a federal level. Whether that’s lobbying for tax rates that fit the product, fairness in labeling, or a cohesive construct for consumer education and marketing, the ability to be successful starts with membership. I look forward to focusing on meeting Cider Makers from across the nation, collaborating to move the cider industry forward, and working with other like-minded individuals to identify what obstacles we need to overcome so that we all have the opportunity to be successful.

Jeff Parrish grew up in Eugene, Oregon and attended the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls earning a degree in Laser Optical Engineering. The idea of starting a cider company wasn’t in his wildest dreams back then. His cider adventure started a few years later when he discovered Woodchuck Cider in 1995 at a Trader Joe’s in the Bay Area while buying alcohol for his brother’s bachelor party. Apples had always been his favorite fruit, and he absolutely loved fresh juice, but the concept of apples to cider was unheard of to him until then. His mind was blown that night, both figuratively and literally! The next chapter in Jeff’s cider story was in 2003 when on a trip to Victoria, BC, he discovered Merridale Cider. He had purchased a keg or two of Strongbow by then as that was the driest cider he could find locally at the time, but his mind got blown again when he was introduced to real craft cider made with English cider apples. A trip to Merridale became an annual pilgrimage to fill his car with coolers and bring back as much as he could carry.

Jeff’s cidermaking adventure started in 2007 when he discovered he could buy fresh pressed bittersweet juice from a local farm each fall. A few years later he began seeing the pioneers in NW craft cider at a local apple festival and the light bulb came on that maybe this passion could be turned into a living. A few years after that in 2012, burned out with our corporate sales jobs, and with all caution being thrown to the wind, his wife Lynda and he decided to start the Portland Cider Company. Now 11 years in, they love what they do, they love the cider community they are part of, and they take great joy in having created a workplace full of passionate cider lovers that they consider family.

Candidate Statement

As a member of the ACA since nearly its inception, I have enjoyed watching it grow from the small collection of passionate cidermakers to the entity today that speaks for over 800. Like the cidermakers it represents, the organization has learned as we’ve gone along and is better today than we were yesterday. I have been a member of the Legislative Committee for the past 4 years. That experience has shown me just how far we’ve come, and how far we still have to go to mold state and federal regulation to eliminate the barriers to making and marketing our cider. Should I be elected to the board, my focus will be on governmental engagement seeking change to the laws and regulations that stand in our way. Craft beer enjoys the freedom of innovation that allows them to basically put anything they want in their beer, in any size container they want, and at any ABV, with a single tax rate and little to no restrictions on how they market it. Cider should enjoy those same freedoms. I will do everything I can to help us get there.

Colin Schilling is the CEO and Co-Founder of Schilling Cider, one of the nation’s largest independent fresh pressed based cideries. In addition to cider, Colin has a passion for food and beverage broadly and has created and consulted on brands in the non-alcoholic, coffee, energy, and cannabis spaces. He has an MBA focused in entrepreneurship and business sustainability and worked in tech consulting prior to founding the cider company. In addition to the wholesale business, Schilling Cider operates two retail locations in Seattle and Portland which are the largest cider taprooms in the world by draft cider offerings! Colin strongly believes business is a force for good and change and has integrated numerous sustainable practices into the core business. He is also an industry thought leader on people-first company culture and works to deliver a best-in-class employment experience for every employee.

Candidate Statement

Hello Cider Friends! The cider industry is at a pivotal moment with shifting consumer preferences and demographics. While these shifts present challenges I see big opportunities and feel cider has never been in a better position to grow rapidly! I have long been an advocate for a collaborative all boats rise mentality for cider, and I want to extend this work through a board seat with the ACA. Specifically, our industry and our trade groups need to further strengthen our collaborative nature to present a united front in a landscape of distributor consolidation and changing consumer preferences. We need to work hard to gain share of mind with wholesalers and retailers as a collective and educate the next group of LDA consumers that cider is the BEST beyond beer option with amazing historical and agricultural stories. Additionally, I see the ACA as the strongest trade organization to represent cider’s interests in DC and will work to advance legal changes to continue to allow our industry to thrive. I have worked in the past to showcase and support cider of all styles and sizes through our two Cider Houses that carry more guest offerings than our own, I worked successfully to get cider the opportunity to pour at the nation’s largest craft beer festival, I helped build an annual selling occasion for cider through National Cider Month, and I have passed 3 cider focused laws in my home state. My goal is to further extend this work while serving on the board of the ACA! Cheers! PS – I would also love to talk about people first company cultures and environmental sustainability – but I am already over on my word count…

Brian Wing is Co-Owner and Head Cidermaker of Green Bench Mead & Cider of Saint Petersburg, FL. Opened in 2015, Green Bench seeks to showcase amazing craft cider to drinkers in the Sunshine State. Brian is an ACA Certified Pommelier™ and holds a position as instructor for University of South Florida’s Brewing Arts program where he teaches courses on production to aspiring professional cider and mead makers. Previously, Brian served 6 years on the Board of Directors for the American Mead Makers Association; four years as Treasurer and two as President. Brian holds an MBA from the University of South Florida and lives in Seminole with his wife and 6 month-old daughter.

Candidate Statement

We picked an unlikely spot to make cider when we started Green Bench in St Pete…but we were passionate about bringing excellent cider to Florida and nearly 10 years later, we are still committed to that goal. If elected to the board, I would like to see further development of our regional chapters; helping to create new events and workshops, focusing our marketing strategy, and creating a stronger sense of camaraderie amongst our members. For many of us, CiderCon® is the only time we are gathered in a room together and I’d like to see that change. We’re seeing an explosion of interest in cider here in the South, and strong regional partnerships will help ensure the cider produced here is of the quality our industry demands and will allow members to benefit from the help available all around them. I’d also continue to push for legislative reform on taxation to lower the barriers to entry for new cidermakers (and the barriers to profitability for existing cidermakers). I have years of experience sitting on the Board of other non-profits in the alcohol industry to help with that. Above all that, my role on the Board is to serve the needs of the members. I am very excited to meet with you in Portland so please come say “Hi”. We can share some cider (and maybe a few stories about the insanity that is running a small business over the past few years) and I can learn how my service can help you.

Now Accepting Nominations for ACA Board of Directors

Do you have a passion for growing the cider industry? Are you looking to find a platform for your ideas, where you will be seen and heard? Would you like to work with a group of like-minded industry leaders to create positive change?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, YOU ARE IN LUCK! The ACA is looking to fill two At Large seats on our Board of Directors. Our annual nomination window is now open, and we want to hear from YOU! Elections will take place electronically during CiderCon® 2024 in Portland, Oregon in January. All U.S. member cideries are eligible to vote (1 vote per cidery).

Although it is not required, we strongly encourage candidates to have an ACA volunteer history before running for office.  

Please see below for more specifics on service and how to apply:

  • Positions are open to any active ACA member cidery in the U.S., regardless of size. 
  • Applications are due by December 8, 2023.
  • To qualify for candidacy, you must be a permanent employee of a bonded cidery, producing cider in the U.S. 
  • Incumbents may be running for their seats again.
  • Terms are three years. 
  • Applicants will be reviewed when the submission window has closed
  • Qualified candidates will receive further instructions on developing their platforms and what board service includes. 

Have more questions about board service? Schedule a chat with ACA CEO Michelle McGrath by clicking here.

To submit your nomination by the December 8 deadline fill out the self-nomination form.

ACA Welcomes Miranda Bradeen as the New Membership and Engagement Coordinator

The American Cider Association (ACA) is excited to announce the appointment of Miranda Bradeen as its new Membership and Engagement Coordinator. In this role, Miranda will be responsible for member outreach, engagement, and retention efforts, as well as supporting the ACA’s mission to promote cider in the United States.

Miranda has a long-standing history in the beverage and hospitality industry, with a passion for making people feel seen and heard. She is a sommelier by trade and has spent most of her career working with wine. However, after walking the Camino de Santiago del Norte through Spain in 2021, she fell in love with all things cider. Since then, she has been actively pursuing ways to learn about cider’s history, culture, growing regions and farming practices, cultivars, production methods, and people surrounding all of the above.

Miranda is excited to be a catalyst for growth within the industry and is eager to bring her expertise to the ACA. She is committed to supporting the organization’s members and ensuring they receive the best possible experience.

Currently, Miranda lives in Spokane, WA, with her husband, Scott, son Henry, and daughter, Dromi.

The ACA is thrilled to have Miranda on board and looks forward to the new ideas and fresh perspectives she will bring to the organization. Her extensive experience and passion for the beverage industry are sure to enhance the ACA’s efforts in promoting and growing the cider industry.

You can learn more about Miranda and the rest of the ACA staff on our webpage.

New ACA Member Benefits!

We’re excited to share some new ACA member benefits with you this spring. Read on to learn more about our brand new resource hub, the new 3 Tier Beverages dashboard just released with Nielsen Q1 2023 data, and a free Crafted for All account now available to all members.

Resource Hub

We’re so excited to share that our new digital Resource Hub is now live! The resource hub is exclusively for ACA members and is filled with items useful for cider businesses of all sizes. The resource hub already includes a wealth of information and members can expect a quarterly release of new resources and will be notified via email when these updates occur.

Nielsen Q1 2023 Data on New 3 Tier Beverages Dashboard

3 Tier Beverages, in partnership with NielsenIQ, is proud to be the official data supplier of the American Cider Association. Part of this partnership brings you quarterly dashboards with key market data and insights to help you drive your business forward. The first dashboard is now available with data through Q1 2023 (3/25/23).

Crafted for All Account

We’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. J Nikol Jackson-Beckham and her organization Crafted for All for several years now and we’re so pleased to be able to expand our partnership and offer all ACA members the opportunity to create an account with Crafted for All where you’ll find a wealth of resources. 

Resource Hub Now Available to ACA Members

The American Cider Association is pleased to announce the launch of a new digital Resource Hub. This resource hub is exclusively for ACA members and is filled with items useful for cider businesses of all sizes. There are several categories available to help members locate the resources they need. These categories include:

  • Compliance & Taxes
  • Market Data
  • Marketing
  • Making Cider
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Business
  • Cider Pairing & Evaluation
  • Apple Growing

The resource hub already includes a wealth of information and ACA staff will be continuing to add already created resources in the near future. In addition, members can expect a quarterly release of new resources and will be notified via email when these updates occur. 

The resource hub also features a contact us button so that members can reach out to the ACA with suggestions for new resources they think would be helpful to them and fellow members.

You must be an active ACA member to access the Resource Hub. Click here to learn more about becoming a member today. Need to renew your membership? Login here to renew.

New Benefits and Webinar with 3 Tier Beverages

The American Cider Association is dedicated to providing our members with valuable data they need to pitch retailers, investors and distributors. We are thrilled to announce an expansion of our data benefits through our new partnership with 3 Tier Beverages. The new dashboards will give the user more control over how you view the Nielsen data, offer you options for more comparisons, and provide insights on more regional markets—we’re excited to share that the dashboards will now include data for 50 markets! We’re finalizing the customization of the dashboards with 3 Tier, but they will be available to all ACA members very soon. This is just one area we are expanding our data benefits, and we hope you join the webinar to learn more about the 3 Tier custom dashboards for ACA members. Learn more about the webinar below.

3 Tier Beverages, in partnership with NielsenIQ, is proud to be the official data supplier of the American Cider Association. Part of this partnership brings ACA members quarterly dashboards with key market data and insights to help you drive your business forward. This webinar will walk ACA members through these dashboards so you can make the most of this unique offering. This webinar is for active ACA members only.

About Our Speakers

Mary Mills joined 3 Tier Beverages in 2022 from NielsenIQ, where she spent 14 years across client management, business development, and innovation insights. She has experience working with various clients in the food, beverage, and consumer goods industries, with 9 years focused on alcohol specifically. She holds a Marketing degree from The Ohio State University and is an avid Buckeye fan. She resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Andy and two children, Luke (4 years old) and Ava (2 years old).

Joe Sepka began his career in the CPG industry a little over a decade ago with PepsiCo as a contract pricing analyst for raw ingredients. Over the next few years, he grew into a variety of data-intensive roles. In 2018 however Joe was ready for a change and made the decision to leave PepsiCo for a new role at Revolution Brewing managing the data department. This was where he discovered he had a particular passion and love for the Bev-Alc side of the CPG industry. In 2020, Joe made the decision to leave Revolution to help launch 3 Tier Beverages. Each day he leverages my passion for data to assist their clients to find new opportunities in their respective Bev-Alc spaces, and help “level the playing field” when competing for space against the big guys.

In addition to being data-obsessed, Joe enjoys hikes, playing chess, recording music, and above all spending time with his wife Rosy, son Arthur, and (sometimes) grumpy but loveable dog Albus.