Exclusive Member Savings with Nielsen: Package Design Audit

Nielsen is extending a special packaging design offer to our active members with a multi-pack product (4- or 6-packs). This is an opt-in group study and therefore costs 90% less than an independent study. On top of that savings, as an active member, you will receive a $300 discount to participate. Contact Nielsen by APRIL 12 to sign up.

This audit will help you:

  • measure the performance of your current cider packaging.
  • have your designs evaluated among 500+ consumers within a competitive context.
  • identify areas of brand strength and opportunities.

Want to learn more about how this audit will help launch your brand to next level? Read more here.

Have more questions? Check out this FAQ!

Is your membership up to date? Log in to find out. In an effort to ensure that these benefits are reaching the industry members paying for their appropriate membership type, we will only be offering the Nielsen opt-in study to our active cidery-level members. If you are a member at the Home-Cider Maker or Cidery-in-planning levels and wish to participate in the discounted audit, please contact us to update your membership.

Thanks for being a member so we can continue to offer special benefits like these!

Important Membership Announcement: Bylaw Amendments

This is a notice that the board will ask the membership to vote on suggested bylaw amendments at the next annual meeting. The vote shall take place during the annual membership meeting at CiderCon at the Waterfront Marriott in Baltimore, Maryland at 9 AM on February 2, 2018.

American Cider Association’s bylaws have not been updated since their original issue. The organization has grown and matured tremendously since 2014, and revisiting our bylaws is an important next step. We have worked closely with a lawyer who specializes in membership organizations to ensure American Cider Association’s bylaws create a foundation that enables us to serve our membership in the best way possible. The board asks the membership to vote on the following amendments to American Cider Association’s bylaws:

Please contact Bruce Nissen with any questions about these recommended amendments.