Press Then Press Offers Certified Pommelier™ Study Kits

Still studying up for the Certified Pommelier® exam?

The owners of Press then Press, Erik & Storie Madrid, have put together two study kits for those studying for the Certified Pommelier™ exam at CiderCon® 2023. Erike & Storie received their Certified Pommelier™ designations in June of 2022 and have put their expertise to good use by creating these two study kits, including a digital copy of completed sensory analysis forms for each cider so you can compare your answers.

The Minor Kit features 4 cans and the Major Kit features 6 bottles and cans that can be delivered to your door in most states. And Press then Press is offering discounts in case you want to fill up your box with more of their wide-ranging selection of ciders. Do make sure you verify that orders can be shipped to your state before purchasing.

You can download blank sensory analysis forms here so you can take notes as you taste the ciders and then compare to the included digital forms from Press then Press. You can register for the Certified Pommelier™ exam to take place at CiderCon® 2023 on February 1 here.

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