Press Release: Certified Cider Professional Program Expands to Asia


The American Cider Association (ACA) is pleased to announce the expansion of its Certified Cider Professional (CCP) education and certification program to Asia. Lee Reeve, founder of inCiderJapan and organizer of the prestigious Japan Cider Cup, has joined the ACA team as an educator for the Level 1 Certified Cider Guide in Japan, China, Korea, and elsewhere in Asia. The first in-person class for candidates studying for the Certified Cider Guide exam is scheduled for August 31, 2024 at Antenna America Kannai in Yokohama, Japan. Registration for the class will open in July.

Lee Reeve, Certified Pommelier and ACA Licensed Educator

“The American Cider Association’s Certified Cider Professional program is the world’s leading cider education program,” states Reeve. “It is an invaluable tool and certification that can benefit anyone with an interest in cider: from enthusiasts to those working in the food and beverage sector, and especially professionals within the cider and drinks industry.”

“Lee has been keen to bring the CCP program to Asia for some time,” says ACA CEO Michelle McGrath. “With his extensive knowledge of cider and the Asian cider market, and his many contacts in the region, we are very excited by what he will bring to the program.”

“As cider continues to grow and become increasingly relevant to the Asian region,” continues Reeve, “so will the thirst and desire for quality information and knowledge regarding all things cider. As such, making the CCP available in Asia is an exciting and welcome opportunity and win-win for everyone. As someone who has been promoting cider and cider education since 2017, and also a Certified Pommelier, I very much look forward to helping the ACA reach out and empower others through learning about this historic and future significant drink.”

While Asia is not commonly thought of as a cider region, Japan has a growing number of enthusiastic cidermakers as well as a robust and fruitful track record in the breeding of new apple cultivars, which are an important crop in several parts of the country, including Aomori and Nagano. In addition, China grows more apples than any country in the world, and while the market for cider there is relatively new, the possibilities are enormous.

The American Cider Association is a not-for-profit trade organization of cider and perry producers in the United States. The Certified Cider Professional program is helping the ACA reach its vision for the industry by increasing the understanding and appreciation of these historic beverages. 

For more information about CCP in Asia, contact Lee Reeve at For more information on the global CCP program, contact the ACA’s Education Operations Manager, Jennie Dorsey, at


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