CiderCon® Giveaway!

Bottles cling-wrapped and insulated in a sweatshirt. Cans sealed and stowed in empty bread bags and stuffed in socks. Or shoes. Most of us have taken extreme risk and sketchy measures to get cider to and from CiderCon® and other cider events. Did you know there is a better way? Behold, the cider case (ok, it has another name, but this is what we’re calling it). 

This case comfortably holds up to 8 bottles (750ml) of cider. Designed to accommodate clothes or other personal items by removing one or more inserts. Additional inserts for magnum available. We have  direct reports that cans and smaller format ciders also pack well. 

We love this case so much, we’re giving THREE of them away!How can you enter this giveaway contest? Each of these actions gets you tickets to win! 


>Register for CiderCon® 2020 by January 6 (the last day for early bird pricing, by the way!). (earns 3 tickets) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

>Reserve your hotel room at the Oakland Marriott by January 6.  (earns 2 tickets) CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR ROOM

>Post to Instagram that you are excited to be attending CiderCon® and tag us in your post (@pickcider #cidercon2020) by January 6. (1 ticket per post)

>Tweet that you are excited to be attending CiderCon® and tag us in your tweet (@cidercon). (1 ticket per post) CLICK HERE TO TWEET

>Share any of our posts or tweets about CiderCon® (1 ticket per share).

>Tag a friend on one of our posts about CiderCon® (1 ticket per tag).

All entries must be completed by 12PM Pacific on January 6. CiderCon® registration and active association membership are the baseline requirement for winning. You are not eligible to win without meeting the baseline requirements by January 6.

If you’ve already registered, don’t sweat it–you’ll be automatically entered to win. Must be 21+ to participate. 

Good luck!

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