CiderCon® Demographics and Inclusion Dashboard

Over the last couple years, the ACA’s Antiracism, Equity and Inclusion committee has focused its efforts on expanding CiderCon®’s audience through inclusive practices for attendees, speakers, and media. A new CiderCon® Demographics and Inclusion Dashboard has been developed as part of the ACA’s efforts to set goals and measure progress toward becoming a more inclusive and representative industry. By measuring demographic and community engagement data, we are holding ourselves accountable to trackable and transparent improvement. This dashboard is reliant upon self-reported data from CiderCon® industry surveys and statistical information gathered by the ACA. 

The U.S. is increasingly multiracial and cider needs to ensure it is a safe and inclusive community to grow with the country’s demographics.  Research shows that diversifying ownership is a pathway to diversifying customers. CiderCon® is an excellent opportunity for new cider professionals to learn about the industry, so we are prioritizing making CiderCon® more representative of the U.S. population as a whole. 

We anticipate the dashboard to evolve with time, and we welcome suggestions for improvement. 

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