CiderCon Contest!

How does a cider vacation sound? Pretty good? Well, here is a chance to go on one for FREE! To enter, simply book your room for CiderCon 2019 in Chicago at the Hilton by January 18!

GRAND PRIZE: We’re giving away “The Ultimate California Cider Vacation” to one lucky winner to attend CiderCon 2020 in California. What’s included?

  • Airfare to Oakland or San Francisco, California (including transportation expenses from the airport to the hotel)
  • 5 nights lodging at the Oakland Marriott
  • FREE CiderCon 2020 registration in Oakland, CA–including tours (SONOMA! or SANTA CRUZ?!) & tastings!
  • A $50 Gift Card to Redfield Cider or Crooked City Cider–winner’s choice
  • VIP cider share entry
  • Free tickets to the Bay Area Cider Week event of your choice


  • Airfare is for continental US only. Foreign tickets will be provided an equivalent travel stipend up to a max amount.
  • Airfare is for 1 person.
  • Airfare and hotel are only good for the week of CiderCon 2020: January 27-February 1, 2020.
  • Winner’s name will be pulled at CiderCon 2019. Name on entry ticket is based on name given to reservation desk at the Hilton Chicago.
  • Reservations at the Hilton CiderCon 2019 must be confirmed and fulfilled to qualify.

FIRST PRIZE: Want your Hilton Chicago room comped for CiderCon 2019? We’ll be choosing one lucky winner to do just that! We’ll through in a gift certificate for $50 to The Northman Chicago, too!  We will comp up to 3 nights hotel maximum.

SECOND PRIZE: American Cider Association board member cider prize! 1 lucky person will go home with a box of cider from our board member’s respective cideries all over the country.

How to enter?

(1) To enter, you must stay at the Hilton Chicago when attending CiderCon 2019 in Chicago. CiderCon 2019 attendees staying offsite will not qualify.

(2) Hilton reservations must be made by January 18, 2019 to qualify for entry.

(3) Hilton reservations must be completed–canceled reservations will not qualify.

(4) Winner names will be pulled based on reservation holders name.

(5) Sorry, former or current American Cider Association board members or staff do not qualify for entry.





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