Certified Pommelier™ Exam to Be Held in San Francisco August 13


Are you ready to take the next step in your professional development in the cider industry? Already passed the Certified Cider Professional Level 1 Certification and looking for that next challenge? Now’s your chance!

The American Cider Association is pleased to announce that the next Certified Pommelier™ Exam will be held in San Francisco, California! The exam will take place Sunday, August 13, 2023 at Barebottle Brewing, 1525 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110.

After the exam you can stick around for a tour and tasting at Barebottle Brewing too!


The Certified Pommelier™ Exam is our second tier of certification and requires in depth study. You must have passed our CCP Level One Certification prior to taking the Certified Pommelier™ Exam. You can purchase a CCP Level One bundle here. (ACA members can find a discount code to purchase the bundle here). The bundle includes an on demand training webinar, a study guide, and two exam attempts.

The ACA has also recently released a Certified Pommelier™ Study Guide that covers the information needed for the theory portion of the exam. It can be purchased here on Amazon.

In addition, several pre-recorded sensory webinars are also available for purchase and can be found here. Please be aware that cider must be purchased separately. Also, be aware that key sensory elements of these ciders may vary from year to year.

Stay tuned for the option to participate in a live sensory analysis webinar this summer prior to the exam in San Francisco. You can check our certification page for the latest news.


Why not make it a weekend (or longer) since you’ll be heading to the beautiful Bay Area of California anyway, especially since it’s the weekend of the Gravenstein Apple Fair, which will be celebrating it’s 50th year!

ACA Announces Release of New Certified Pommelier Textbook

The American Cider Association is very pleased to announce the release of its new textbook for candidates preparing for the exam to become a Certified Pommelier™. Certified Pommelier™ is the second level of the ACA’s Certified Cider Professional program, the world’s most comprehensive and in-depth cider education program for beverage professionals. 

“Cider is a broad and complex category,” commented ACA chief executive officer Michelle McGrath. “Our program is designed to give professionals in the beverage and hospitality industries a thorough knowledge of cider, the how and why as well as the what, empowering them to not only improve their ability to help advise customers but to create and grow whole cider programs. It is really the equivalent of any of the other well known and respected professional certification programs such as Cicerone® or the Court of Master Sommeliers. It is clear how much having those credentials can enhance someone’s career prospects, and we’re seeing that with the CCP program, too.”

The Certified Pommelier™ exam has two separate parts, one examining theory and the other a candidate’s ability to taste and accurately describe a cider. Study materials geared toward the theory portion of the exam have previously been made available through the ACA’s website, but these materials are now considered obsolete. Those interested in preparing for the exam can purchase the new textbook on Amazon.com.

You can learn more about our Certified Cider Professional Program on our website.

Thinking about studying for the exam? Join our Certified Pommelier™ Facebook group.

For more information, contact Michelle McGrath at michelle@ciderassociation.org