What To Do When Things Go Wrong: Cidermakers’ Tools to Fix, Remove, Hide, or Work with Unplanned Flavors

Date & Time: Thursday, January 18, 3:45 – 5:00 PM

Moderator: Steven Trussler

Speakers: Nick Gunn, Kira Bassingthwaighte, Megan Faschoway

Despite best intentions and even best practices, fermentations don’t always produce ciders that match a cidermaker’s expectations or standards. Whether due to apple or juice quality, lapses in hygiene, experiments with new ingredients or processes, equipment failures, or other unforeseen challenges, cidermakers will occasionally find themselves with a funky, stinky, or just plain weird cider. In this session, we’ll explore the cidermakers’ tools for removing, hiding, or working with specific flaws, from highly technical cutting-edge solutions to low-tech practical solutions available to anyone, up to and including when to cut your losses and distill or dump it. Attendees will hear a range of industry and academic perspectives covering practical to highly technical solutions on how to remedy common cider flaws.