Olav Bleie

At the same time as Olav Bleie started studying chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Bergen (UiB) in 2001, he took over his father’s orchard. Then he was 50 percent fruit farmer and 50 percent student. At a later stage, after finishing his bachelor and master degree, he dropped out of his doctorate in the USA to start focusing 100% on cider production on the family farm in Hardanger. Olav Bleie started Alde Sider in 2014. At the family farm, they have a long history of cider production stretching back several hundred years. Olav continues old traditions and conveys a history and culture that has deep roots in Hardanger. The interest in fermentation and cider production was always strongly present and with a scientific approach he developed his own style and laid the foundations for producing and selling high quality and award winning cider. Now he hopes to build something for several generations to come.