Christian Miller

Christian Miller has worked in market research, brand and category management for over two decades. He is the proprietor of Full Glass Research, based in Berkeley California, which provides market research and industry analysis for food and beverage producers and marketers. Recent Full Glass Research projects have included trade and consumer surveys, package tests, analyses of direct consumer sales, new product marketing plans and studies of the interaction between various categories of beverage alcohol. Clients range from small producers to large multi-brand companies to regional and national organizations, and cover the wine, beer, cheese and cider categories. Christian also directs research for the Wine Market Council, a non-profit organization whose research benefits members from all tiers of the industry. Projects range from the largest ongoing tracking survey of beverage alcohol consumers in the U.S. to studies of packaging, labeling, usage and various segments of consumers. He regularly teaches courses in marketing for UC Davis Continuing Education. Mr. Miller holds a BA in Economics from Franklin & Marshall College and an MBA from Cornell University. In prior jobs, Christian marketed brands ranging from a few thousand cases to over a million, as well as working in retail and restaurants.