Arita Åkre

Over the last years, Cider from Hardanger has become trendy. Arita Åkre, born in Bergen, now residing in Nå in Hardanger, is one of those who contributed to the rising popularity of this regional specialty. Only some years ago, she had a good job in the Norwegian oil and gas industry. At that time, she would hardly have believed that she would be an award-winning cider producer soon. Even less would she have thought that her own cider would be served at the Nordic Oscars during the prestigious awards ceremony in Hollywood. But Arita and her husband Gjermund managed all that and much more in a relatively short time. Today, she is responsible for sales, marketing, and the development of the business. Under their brand name EDEL, Arita and Gjermund produce apple juice, liquor, and Hardanger Cider. Using the Champagne and Charmant method, the couple innovatively developed the local cider. An essential part of her job is communication. Many have prejudices about cider. For most people, commercial cider is a cheap, canned import product based on apple concentrates. Arita and Gjermund work hard explaining the significant differences between these types of cider and build support for the worldwide appreciation of Hardanger Cider. The EDEL cider products and other specialties distilled from local fruits are already well represented on the drink menus of reputable restaurants. Their Hardanger Cider is also sold to Norwegian and international Michelin restaurants with up to three stars; so, they have already come a long way. Nevertheless, they continue to perfect their products and always strive for “the perfect cider”.