CiderCon Bonuses! Part 1

Like cider, CiderCon, is steeped in traditions. Somethings remain unchanged–our national Cider Share, our Grand Toast finale, our welcomed international cider making guests. But what are the bonus features for this year’s CiderCon in Baltimore? The following is part one of our bonus preview!

  • We’ve added a VIP hour to Cider Share for distributors and members of the media, with the usual Cider Share to follow. All 54 cidery spots are taken at this point, but there is plenty of room for cider tasters!
  • We’ve added Nielsen as our keynote speaker. You may recall our new partnership with them to bring relevant market data to our membership. We look forward to hearing more about the trends they’ve revealed.
  • We have great cider tours lined up. Read more about the optional trips to DC, Adams County, PA or Frederick, MD here.

In addition to the traditional free workshop offered by TTB (this year they will review operational reports), There are some new optional workshops being offered on Wednesday of CiderCon.

  • The Cider Institute of North America’s (CINA) Boot Camp, Wed 8am-2:45pm, $75, lunch included: Come join Cider Institute educators for a sneak peak at the week long courses being taught across the US and Canada. This will be a condensed version of beginning and advanced level coursework that will build upon cider skills and transition into further institute training. Topics include:
    • What is Cider and How is it Made? (Peter Mitchell, Cider & Perry Academy)
    • Chemistry of Juice and Cider (Brianna Ewing, Washington State University)
    • Understanding Cider Faults (Chris Gerling, Cornell University)
    • Sensory Analysis and Focus groups (Elizabeth Thomasino, Oregon State University)
    • Using oak to your advantage: Barrel aging and fermentation protocol (Ryan Burk, Angry Orchard)
    • Keeping it clean. Sanitation and its effects on cider quality (Andrew Byers, Finnriver Cider)
  • The Certified Cider Professional Level 1 Exam Preparatory Course, Wed 8am-10am, $40: This workshop covers all the material you need to pass the American Cider Association’s Level 1 Exam. It will be teaching to the new version of the exam, which is geared more towards the service industry than the previous version. Topics include:
    • Apples & The Orchard
    • Cider Food Pairings
    • Cider Making
    • Flavor & Evaluation
    • Cider Styles
    • Keeping & Serving

Sign up for either of these great workshops when you register for CiderCon. Early bird pricing ends on January 15.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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