CiderCon® 2021 Will Be a Hybrid Event

Is CiderCon® 2021 happening? CiderCon® 2021 will take place whether we are in Chicago or in our online community!

When can I register? Registration for CiderCon® will open later this year to allow for event updates in response to changes with the current Pandemic. Our current target is October 15.

What will CiderCon® be like next year? We do know that CiderCon® is likely to have a mixture of in-person and virtual content no matter what, and that those virtual opportunities will be innovative and exciting.

If we are able to safely gather in Chicago in early February, we absolutely will! Chicago is now in Phase Four of the city’s reopening plan. It’s certain there will be some different protocols from CiderCons® past, but the networking and information sharing will continue.

Much of what we can do will rely on the state of Illinois, the city of Chicago, the Hilton and the virus itself. We’ve been meeting with the Hilton regularly, and are very impressed with their protocols. However, the city of Chicago currently has travel restrictions in place for nearly two-dozen states, requiring 14-day quarantine to enter the city.

Will there be a trade show? Similar to our educational offerings, we will be looking to offer in-person and virtual opportunities for CiderCon® participants to get to know our amazing industry vendors and allied trade members. If you’re interested in reaching our cidery members through our trade show, please get in touch with our coordinator, Ellen.

Should I make travel arrangements? If you have an arrangement that is refundable, you can plan to travel to Chicago for February 2-5, 2021. We will let you know when the hotel block opens.

We are looking forward to making more announcements about our exciting virtual educational & networking sessions that will be a part of CiderCon® 2021.

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