Cider Lexicon

Test Driving a Cider Lexicon

The United States Association of Cider Makers introduced our first cider style guide in 2017.  Our ultimate target audience was consumers. How can we help consumers find a cider they like and come back to the category again and again, and how can we advance this goal by training beverage professionals, the folks that interface…

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PRESS RELEASE: Cider Association Releases 2018 Update to Cider Style Guide

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE United States Association of Cider Makers For follow up: US Cider Association Releases 2018 Updates to Hard Cider Style Guidelines; Adds Five New Styles Portland, OR—The United States Association of Cider Makers has released an update to their Cider Style Guide, first introduced in summer of 2017. USACM’s original reason for…

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What is “DRY”?

USACM Board endorses dryness language Note from Michelle: On November 4, 2019 this blog was edited to reflect current information. It was originally published onJuly 30, 2018. I’ve struck-out language that is no longer relevant.  Last summer we launched our Cider Lexicon project with the stated goal of creating tools that will help a consumer more…

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