You Don’t Need Five Point Guards: Leveraging Diverse Teams to Improve the Bottom Line

Date & Time: Friday, January 19, 10:00-11:15 AM

Speaker: Dr. J Nikol Jackson-Beckham

People, planet, and profit are the cornerstones of triple bottom line strategies that guide conscientious, values-centered businesses. This strategy expands conventional business success metrics to include an organization’s contributions to social well-being, environmental health, and a just economy. Thoughtfully built and managed teams that leverage a diversity of thought, experience, and culture are not only a product of triple bottom line strategies; they are also the drivers of positive triple bottom line outcomes.

Performative diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are not just ineffective; they waste valuable time and resources. In this presentation, Dr. J Jackson-Beckham challenges attendees to abandon the “diversity for diversity’s sake” approach and get real about leveraging diversity for positive business outcomes—from greater innovation and improved community relations to more productive teams and enhanced customer acquisition. Attendees will learn practical frameworks for building and managing teams based on current organizational and behavioral research, receive a brief overview of triple bottom line accounting principles, explore entertaining real world examples these principles in action, and be empowered to stop equating “diversity” with charity and start thinking about inclusion, equity, and justice as winning business development strategies.