Tackling Microbial Spoilage During Aging: Comparing the Effects of Chitosan and Hideki Tannin

Ticketed Session: $10 SOLD OUT!

Speaker: Jocelyn Kuzelka, Andy Hannas

Date & Time: Thursday, February 2, 1:45-3:00pm

The sensory profile of cider is significantly associated with microbial activities and the quality of cider is dependent upon predictable fermentation outcomes and product monitoring during bulk aging to mitigate or eliminate possible spoilage contamination. This advanced-level sensory session will explore the efficacy of two tools cider makers have to eliminate or mitigate costly intervention of microbial problems before they are needed during bulk aging. A triangle test will be presented to participants and will be used to determine the sensory findings of the experiment. Speakers will discuss the goal and results of this commercial scale experiment, the economic impacts of unaddressed microbial growth and the quantity of aromatic and flavor compounds they produce, plus the time savings and efficiency improvements of adapting SOP’s based on the observed chemistry and sensory profiles from a previous chitosan experiment. Come help us answer the question: “What makes good cider?” and decide for yourself with this interactive tasting session.