Pet Nat’s for the People: Lessons from Winemakers

Ticketed Session: $10 SOLD OUT!

Speaker: Christine Walter, Brent Braun, Luke Wylde

Date & Time: Friday, February 3, 3:45-5:00pm

More and more cider producers are exploring pét-nat carbonation, but what is it really? This advanced session will lean on lessons from the wine industry and discuss how this bottle conditioning technique differs from other methods and how pét-nat derives its fizz. What are your production goals for exploring this technique, and how can you market this low-tech, artisanal style of cider to an increasingly curious and knowledgeable consumer base? Speakers will address all of these topics, as well as TTB regulations and tax considerations for your product. Participants are encouraged to attend the “Guide to Carbonation Methods” session as a primer to this deep-dive into pétillant naturel.