Patching Your Leaky Sales Pipeline: Improving The Efficiency of Your Sales Team

Date & Time: Friday, January 19, 3:30-4:45 PM

Speaker: Julie Rhodes

Sales team? Pipeline? Yes these concepts apply to you, no matter your production size! The sales team could be just you (the owner/operator) or a single sales rep, but regardless of how many bodies you have representing your brand in the wholesale channel, you need to make sure that time spent in the market is used efficiently and effectively. In today’s competitive craft beer marketplace, selling skills and strategic systems are more important than ever so that you can stand out in the supplier crowd. Up until 2020, the craft beer environment has been one of brew it and they will come drink it, but that’s no the case anymore. As more brands join the wholesale channel every year, shelf and tap space are at a premium, so sales teams have to work efficiently and strategically in the market. It’s not enough just to check the box and show up in front of buyers, brand reps must have an elevated understanding of the buyer decision making process and how they fit into that equation to convert more sales. Join me for a sales bootcamp of sorts where you will learn how to sell by science, be able to build strategic standard operating procedures for your sales team, and understand how to avoid a leaky sales pipeline to improve the efficiency of your sales team.