Funk, Fault, or Phenolic Compound?

Ticketed Session: $7 SOLD OUT!

Speaker: Steven Trussler, Gabe Cook, Molly Browning

Date & Time: Friday, February 3, 10:00-11:15am

Volatile phenolics, either from apples or created during the fermentation process, can produce the distinctive cidery, funky flavours that many people enjoy in cider. On the other hand, other phenolic and non-phenolic aromas produced by spoilage organisms can go beyond ‘funk’ and cause a fault or consumer rejection. In this session, we’ll explore five different aromatic compounds found in funky, faulted, or phenolic ciders and you can decide for yourself which you like and which you don’t. If you decide you don’t, we’ll cover how to avoid them in your cider.