Establishing a QA/QC Program

Speaker: Cortni Stahl, Yann Fay

Date & Time: Thursday, February 2, 10:30-11:45am

Small cider producers may think that most Quality Assurance and Quality Control content is not relevant to them. Craft products may vary greatly from year to year, and you certainly can’t afford to have a person on staff to manage all of the bureaucracy. QA and QC are essential elements of successful cider production for businesses of any size, and should be considered when starting up and/ or when you’ve been producing for years. This session will review elements of QA and QC program establishment, maintenance, and evaluation. Speakers will define and offer practical tips for Good Manufacturing Practices, Hazard and Critical Control Point Analysis, and the importance of establishing Standard Operating Procedures to meet safety, legal, sustainability, economic, and quality objectives with a special focus on techniques for smaller businesses.