Cider’s Taste of Place: Trialing Apple Varieties and Regions in NY State

Ticketed Session: $10 SOLD OUT!

Speakers: Megan Larmer, Kate Anstreicher, Ian Merwin, Joe Gaynor, Amy Noga, Lindsay Jenkinson

Date & Time: Thursday, February 2, 3:30-4:45pm

In 2017, the Glynwood Center, NY Cider Association, and Angry Orchard planted 5,000 cider apple trees across 12 orchards in NY’s major fruit-growing regions. Experienced orchardists have recorded tree growth/survival and yields each year since, and in 2020, a panel of cider professionals evaluated single-variety, single-estate cider samples for similarities and differences based on sensory attributes. In this session we will present our results so far, exploring the factors that go into determining a regional taste of place or terroir.