Cam Workman

Cam Workman has worked both on-premise and off-premise wine in bars and wine retail, as a production and packaging lead at a fancy Midwest jam and cocktail syrup company, in a variety of food service positions, a coffee roaster, and poured freelance wine tastings for public and private events. Cam thinks he’s finally found a path he wants to focus on: making cider. He’s also found a home in Seattle, where he works at Schilling Cider as the manager of their Quality Assurance team. He spends his days solving interesting puzzles, coming up with new ideas, working with fantastic people, and using magic to build some radical spreadsheets that support their awesome team. He’s always thought he’d be working in wine, but the exact moment he discovered cider he realized that he’d stumbled into something amazing that he knew he wanted to be a part of. He can’t wait to spend the next years of his life getting to know everyone and learning as much as he can!

He chose to become a Certified Pommelier™ because he’s hoping to use what he’s learned in his time as a cidermaker to help guide and grow the industry! The Pommelier certification seemed like a way to help give him a little extra sparkle.