Brian Wing

Brian is Co-Owner and Head Cidermaker at Green Bench Brewing/Green Bench Mead & Cider in Saint Petersburg, Florida. A Michigan native, Brian didn’t decide to start making cider until he moved to Florida. An avid home brewer, Brian transitioned to the professional scene in 2010, splitting his time between brewing beer for Tampa Bay Brewing Company and making mead and cider for Southern Brewing and Winemaking in Tampa before crossing the bay to Saint Petersburg to found Green Bench’s cider and mead program in 2014. Brian has worked as an instructor for University of South Florida’s Brewing Arts program, teaching cider and mead making courses and has served on the Board of the American Mead Makers Association, first as Treasurer from 2017-2021 and President from 2021-2023. 

Brian pursued the Certified Pommelier™ certification to keep pushing the quality of cider forward in Florida and to help represent other cidermakers who are located in non apple-growing regions across the country.