Anthony Lopez

Anthony Lopez is the sidrero (cidermaker) at Casa de Oro Cider. He is a third generation American who can trace all of his lineage to Mexico. While he had to learn to speak Spanish in high school, he grew up with a sensibility of Mexican culture. After he met his wife (who is from Acapulco), he was immersed in a much deeper realm of Mexican culture which is where he found his fondness for traditional Mexican ingredients. It was these unique flavor profiles and uses that inspire his ciders. Anthony loves deep, rich bold, yet dynamic, provoking, and well-rounded flavors in his ciders. Something that can evoke a sense of place and culture, he believes, is a great accomplishment for any sidrero (cidermaker) and something he would like to share with people.

Like many others, Anthony has been teaching himself to make cider for a number of years. He feels this certification adds to the validity of his abilities and backstops his credibility when he discusses his cider with others who may not be very knowledgeable.