USACM Cider Style Guidelines

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What is Cider?  One pager 

USACM Cider Style Guidelines V2.0

Cider is a beautifully diverse beverage. How do we talk about that diversity and range without confusing the consumer? USACM has adopted a foundational style guide to help unify the language we use to discuss cider. This is a living document, and it will grow with time. It is not meant to be a definition guide for competitions, so the definitions are broad and encompassing.

Standard Styles

Modern Cider
Heritage Cider
Modern Perry
Heritage Perry

Specialty Styles

Fruit Cider
Spiced Cider
Botanical Cider
Heritage Rosé Cider
Modern Rosé Cider
Hopped Cider
Wood-aged Cider
Sour Cider
Ice Cider
New England Style Cider
Specialty Cider and Perry