Market Reports

The American Cider Association is the central hub for reliable information about the US cider market. Subscriptions to professional data firms for the beverage industry can be expensive. By pooling the resources of our members, we provide nuanced data for just the cost of your annual membership dues. Included in association benefits are quarterly on-premise and off-premise trend reports. The reports break down market trends for 26 US-regions, packaging type and size, flavor and more. Additionally, our members have access to regular members-only webinars on market trends for cider and related categories. 

We are working closely with our data insights team to develop market resources that aren’t available through syndicated data firms. ACA member surveys are a good example of a valuable source of aggregated market data. We are working to analyze the trends available in those surveys, and will have insights to share with our members. 

Current trend reports and webinars can be found in our member resource hub.

Our trend report archive can be found here.