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Become a Certified Cider Professional

The United States Association of Cider Makers introduces the Certified Cider Professional program. This first ever cider accreditation program is designed for distributors, servers and others who are interested in becoming bonafide experts on all things cider.

Hard cider’s popularity has dramatically increased in the last several years, and now there is a way for food and alcohol industry professionals to prove their cider knowledge—the Certified Cider Professional program (CCP). USACM has released CCP as online exam that allows test takers to become CCP level one certified. Exam questions fall into five categories: apples, processing, fermentation, taste and style, and history. The exam is 60 questions long and costs $75 for non-members. USACM members receive a discount with the exam costing $60*. You must score 85% to pass--you get two attempts per exam fee.

Bulk exam pricing is available - Learn More.

The exam preparation is self-guided. We have put together these materials to assist you:

*A password is required for USACM members to receive this pricing. All members were emailed a link to create their password at the time of launch. If non-USACM members are found to be using this password, we will change the password immediately. If it happens again, we will be forced to remove the member pricing option. Please respect our honor code. If you are an active member and do not know the password, please click on the 'Login' option in the top right corner and use the 'Forgot Password' to set up your account.