Legal & Compliance

Small Cidery Paperwork - tracking and reporting tools for TTB forms and taxes
Friday 10:15AM Junior Ballroom 3-4
Do you make a wide variety of cider styles on a small scale?  Do you file TTB forms and taxes annually and throw up your hands in despair in early January?  Are sophisticated winery and cidery software systems or hiring outside compliance specialists too expensive for you?  This session will walk through an organized way to track your production, then file your reports and calculate your taxes easily using Excel. 

Presenter: Eleanor Leger, Cidernomics

Labeling Requirements for the Cider Industry: Over and Under 7% 
Friday 3:30pm Grand Ballroom ABC
You may have attended TTB’s session on federal regulations, but there is more to learn.  In this session we will build on the TTB presentation and discuss things like FDA label requirements, bottle deposit statements and a few other state issues.  We will also look at the TTB requirements from a real-life perspective.

Presenter: Janene Grace, Grace Consultants

Marijuana’s Regulatory Environment and the Implications for Cider 
Thursday 2:45pm Grand Ballroom FGH

This workshop will review the current legal status of marijuana (cannabis), hemp, and CBD, including:

  • Federal laws on cannabis.
  • The prospects for success of pending federal bills.
  • The status of hemp after the 2018 Farm Bill.
  • An overview of “state-legal” medical and recreational cannabis laws.
  • The position of FDA and TTB towards alcohol beverages with these substances.

Speakers: Marc Sorini & Alva Mather: McDermott, Will & Emory LLP

Protect what you love: Trademark Law for Cideries 
Friday 2:15pm Grand Ballroom DE
In the increasingly crowded cider and alcoholic beverage marketplace, your trademark helps set you apart from the rest. Understanding the basics of trademark law is key to developing your brands, taking steps to protect them, and avoiding costly trademark disputes.  An ounce of prevention is often worth a pound of cure.

Speaker: Kevin Regan, IP Attorney, Lowe Graham Jones

Sticky Business: Distribution Issues in the Cider Industry
Friday 3:30pm  Grand Ballroom FGH
This session will focus on how cider’s unique position in the alcohol world affects its distribution.  We will cover state alcohol “franchise” laws that may apply to cideries’ relationships with distributors.  We also will discuss general tips for drafting and negotiating distribution agreements, including the “top 10” items for cideries to include in their distribution agreements.

Speaker: Beth Hatef, McDermott Will & Emery