New Member Resources from Crafted for All

We’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. J Nikol Jackson-Beckham and her organization Crafted for All for several years now and we’re so pleased to be able to expand our partnership and offer all ACA members the opportunity to create an account with Crafted for All where you’ll find a wealth of resources. 

In the coming weeks and months, Crafted For All will provide American Cider Association members with a range of educational experiences and tools to help you ensure that everyone knows they are enthusiastically invited to form a relationship with your organization–as a consumer, employee, or both (inclusion); ensure that everyone who has a relationship with your organization is able to have the best quality of experience possible (equity); and ensure that there are no unnecessary barriers to access or advancement that would keep someone from forming a relationship with your organization or cause them to sever that relationship prematurely (justice). You can expect access to virtual working happy hour sessions, informative monthly blog posts, and access to downloadable resources on a range of topics.

To take advantage of these resources visit our resource hub for the direct members-only link to create an account at Crafted for All.

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