Cider Lexicon Project

We launched the Cider Lexicon Project to improve and unify the language of cider in the United States.
The goal is to make it easier for a consumer to find a cider they like.

The first phase of this project has three pillars:

Cider Style Guide - We have launched our first official cider style guide. Read it here.

Cider Vocabulary Guide - Cider borrows some words from wine, some from beer, and some are unique to cider. The language around cider is rich, but it is largely unknown to consumers and often servers. We will be launching a vocabulary guide in 2018 to help build a common language for hard cider.

Dryness Scale - The word dry is a buzzword, but what does it mean? We need a unified definition of dry, semi-dry, medium, semi-sweet and sweet. The scale could be voluntarily adopted by cider makers throughout the country.

We are hoping to endorse the scale currently being developed by the New York Cider Association and Cornell University, but we are withholding endorsement until the scale is fully developed. A partnership between our three organizations would ensure widespread adoption of the scale’s use.